Friday, February 10, 2006

Lonely - [POEM]

Though I tend to find my poems very rough and monotonous, I thought maybe I should try to to keep up the spirit by attempting to write once in a while. Here goes:-

Lonely , is a feeling never shared by two,
Despair and sadness often encompass you,
This feeling inside that I cannot explain,
Never easy to describe, but causes me pain.

It breaks my heart, to see my friend,
Not needing company, don't know when it will end
Seeking a place where you can be alone,
Asking me to leave, you pleads and moan.

Do not disturb, you seems to imply,
Respecting your wishes, we can but comply,
For as long as you're happy, as one could be,
When you are ready, you may contact me.

I wish I could understand whats in your heart,
Is it sorrowness or laughter, how do i start,
To make you understand, that sharing can be,
A joyous new experience for you and me.



spoonfork said...

blog has been an extension of a person's real life personality. it has also been an extension of human's communication medium.

that being said, knowing sir mac, i bet my bottom dollars that this poem is meant for someone,,, hehehe,,,,

The Editor said...

Poems are crafted out of sharing of experience or observing human behaviour. Nevertheless, what is seem obvious is never the case. You are lucky that i am not a betting man, otherwise you maybe in your drawers.

pacal said...

i am all alone all of my frens have forsaken me

Anonymous said...

sounds like i know wat is all about too....