Sunday, November 13, 2005

Balance of Life

I often ponder on the fortune and casualties that life has to bring to many people. I wonder whether every indivduals faces an equal balance of fortune and problems that one faces. Sometimes, you have wealth, but you are not happy. At other times you have a good Strategic Job, but then you end up searching for satisfaction that other "operational" job have to offer. Is there more to life then this?

This thought came about as I observe the challenges that my friend has to face. A simple bloke, whose outlook of life was originally to be a "Dispatch Rider". He is now a Director of his own IT Company, but is now saddled with the knowledge that he has leukemia. Where and what is the balance, I often wonder?

What also will become of me as I too am going through a challenge of correcting my sugar imbalance due to extreme weight management problem (to say the least). I have quite a reasonable job, a good family and most of all I am quite lucky in having good supports from friends, but I wonder whether other people have this framework and support to get it thru their years. How will they take life treatment?

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