Saturday, November 19, 2005

A new journey

As I look back at the past, I now feel perhaps its time for another carreer change. I have been a System Engineer, Systems Developer, Network Administrator, Security Consultant (extremely abused word) , a wannabbe Chief Technology Officer and lastly a Telecommunication Advisor. Even more perplexing and much feared is the working platform that I have worked on ranged from Prime, VAX, IBM, *nixes and PC/MAC. It makes U a piece of history when U think some of these computers are no more in existence.

I remember going to meetings with IBM the first time and numbers were churned out and thrown about like nobody's business. IBM'ers have this habit of talking codes like, " You know, once you get the 4381 to the DASDee and have it connected to the 3270's (or was it the 3174) we shud be having it up and running". Being cheeky at that time, i got a bit fedup and threw them(IBMers) a spanner and asked, "What about the 8820?, I asked?". Being an IBMer and without flinching (since there is no 8820), looked straight at me and replied " Well, Mr xx, let our Engineer get back to you on this".

As i revisit the past, the one thing that bothers me most is the tangible output and contribution that seems not to be enough and impactful. However, what is common that I can safely conclude (without blowing too much trumpet) is the development of people and the reverse engineering (some called it cracking) of some systems. Having to visit some Raya gathering and meeting old friends who has turn out well, makes me an exteremely happy camper.

Recent casualties also has made me to think of making some changes in life and considering at making a career change. Perhaps get out of IT/Security and Telecomunications and do something different for a change. The crowd in the IT/Security seems to be a young in nature and pace and thot process can be dissimilar to that of this old elephant like me. Learning from the past, it is perhaps better to explore areas which are different and perhaps less stressful.
Well, watch this space............

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