Sunday, November 27, 2005

Celebrating Friendship [POEM]

Friends comes in many shapes and sizes
Big or small, most provide you with suprises,
But that may not be all the things they do,
Some complicated the life of me and you.

Some friends are new to make you smile,
Some stay around more then a while,
To those who stay, I would like to say,
May god be with U through nite and day.

Friends can sometimes be quite complicated,
Few of them are quite sophisticated,
Just be yourself, my advice to thee,
A friendly reminder to you and me.

There are friends that operates a blog,
Many seems to write just round the clock,
Prolific writers they seems to be,
Stringing sentences, a credible story.

Identifying themself using a nic,
Sometimes the names gives them a kick,
While there are nic relates to cutlery,
Other tend to choose the tropical tree.

There are some friends who are good looking,
Macho and famous, some quite interesting,
Attracting some girls they sometime do,
Not necessary with intent, can stick like glue.

Some friend find answers in the wrong place,
Looking for support in the right spaces,
Seeking solace we sometimes do,
Suffer in silence, when we are blue.

There is a friend who always write,
In alternate languages, to pick a fight,
But in his heart, he is quite good,
Always dependable a silent cool dude.

The test of frienship can be challenging,
Managing differences, can be interesting,
True friends stay on we truly cherish,
Stay by our side they do not perish.

Building trust, just like a rope ,
Investing time, we look for hope ,
Recognizing effort in each successes,
Celebrating friendship, with best wishes.

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