Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Double Whammy

Man....talk about Monday blues.

First, theres the news that my daughter's car has broken down again. Perhaps due to mechanic slackness. After paying RM1000, the aircond leaked again and will not run. Had to send the Kancil to aircond repair shop again. I hate it when unplanned activities interupt my "eagerness" of going to work. So, called up office to reschedule my 9:00 am to 10:00 am while I send in the Kancil.

While having breakfast awaiting workshop to be opened, got a call from me wifey. Said that her car was involved in an accident. Two Kancil bumped into her at the traffic junction. One of the Kancil , it seems stopped at the red light while the other crashed into its backside while sending it forward into the path of my wife's Waja. Though the damage is not that great and almost insignificant, the scratch and exposed bare metal caused me great concern and thoughts of money flying out of the window pops into my mind again.

Chalk up another of lifes' casualties. Lost my mood in working yesterday and called it a day by 4.00 pm. Drowned my sorrow by wasting myself with friends in downing coffee and buying RAMs. Woe is me, seems that I have not paid my dues enough for me to deserve this trial and tribulation.

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