Sunday, November 27, 2005

Technology for Good

I have been a fan of mechanical/technology since my early years with mecano sets and legos. Having a short attention span, i find that i work best with my hands and fingers. I find technology fascinating to the point of obsession. Some of my friends call me the "Gadget man" in the number of gadgets I carry around and my obsession with differing Operating Systems and their workings.

I carry with me Notebooks with differing OS setup (dual boot Windows/Mac OSX), another notebook (dual booting Windows/Linux), a Palm, a Pocket PC, 2 Camera Handphone and more. Ironically as my colleagues keep pointing out to me, what is the point of having this, if you are not helping out the community?

The recent reported event about a Chinese citizen being caught on camera got me to thinking, why have we (as a country) not deploy technology to improve transparency and improve the common good? We recognize the technology, but we seems engross to kill the creativity that these new applications brings us and focus on the negativity that it has brought.

Take the technology of the Camera phone, I am sure that one of this day, some brilliant chap will be looking for a solution of trying to censor the transmission of "obscene content" transmitted via MMS. We are sometimes common culprit in missing the point and loose ourselves in news spins that we fail to recognize the original issues. Why some of us do not use it to reaffirm and improve our social standards as there seem to be an erossion of good consciousness.

We spend more money using SMS for Acedemy Fantasia then we spend to SMS our TV stations to voice our current issues. We recognize that the SMS technology can provide us the feedback loop for Acedemy Fantasia, but we have use it enough to garner feedback from community to seek representation of opinions from the ground. Do you know that we have 14 million handphone subscribers ie 63% of total population?

We have Touch and Go/Smart Tags to collect Tols, but why do we not collaborate with the Toll operator to use the same technology for collecting speed fines. I am sure if we break the speed limit, an SMS can be sent to U, while money can be deducted from your Touch and Go account while demerit points go your "prepaid JPJ point system".

Which subsequently make me ponder, do we really understand on how to manage and leverage on these technologies. Do we understand enough of these new digital media in the protection and safeguarding of critical information/evidence for it to be used constructively?. Under what act are these safeguarding protected under....Computer Crime Act (maybe), Communication and Multimedia Act (Governance of Infra and Licensees), DSA (nope). Maybe the soon to be introduced PDP act will govern this. We wait and see....if there are any exclusions.

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