Monday, November 14, 2005

Guilty - Non Conformance to Standards

Ironically, though being in the Telecommunication and ICT Industry for more then 15 years, I made the most critical of sin ie not checking the Standards. I have always had this phobias of interoperabilities of system especially when it involves IBM (SNA) and TCP/IP. One must always check the STANDARDS of Communication.

The same is applicable in life as my recent Casualty is also due to breakdown in Communication Standards. Father (TCP/IP), Daughter (SNA). One sometimes assume (wrong move) that when you send Ack packets, you get a reply ie in real life, you talk or enquire, you get a response. This should be thought of good communication ethics -yes/no....No. Unfortunately, not so with daughter, you enquire repeatedly, it can lead to invasion of privacy as young professional now views the right not to reply is theirs. Hence, no Ack packets - cutting the story short, leading to communication breakdown.

My sin is assuming that communication standards is common and normal across age groups and people and not evaluating this standards enough to understand this daughter has led to making this blunder. Communication standards are different across social upbringing, race and over technologies.

Here, after relooking and reevaluating recent events leads me to believe that sometimes the standards that we live in may have to be narrowed, lest we like living in a confrontational circumstances. I suppose the give and take is one such solution, hmm...what will that be in the IT World, one needs investigation. ;-)

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