Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Managing Love Handle

Managing weight after posa is so much challenging. The battle against over sized love handle and weight is now seemingly a loosing battle. What was lost (11 kilos) is now begining to be gained back and is now becoming another of my casualties. I had targeted to shed another 10 kilos, but now after seeing growth of 2 kilo, i dred that it will lax and the battle will be lost.

I am amazed at how some people just have the knack and ability to shed and manage their weight even though they are stuffing themselves with luxurious delicious food. I used to know one sweet girl who can go through sweets, ice creams and chocolate and still maintain her figure which she sometimes knowingly shows off to me ;-) and/or brag about it and this infuriates me. How one tends to lust on thing one cannot get - good high calory food.

Some people just had it lucky, but woefully, i can but joke about it while watching my love handle grows. Why or why????


pacal said...

atkins diet

spoonfork said...

can we just stop eating at makbul?

The Editor said...

[rosli] yeah, but I need support from u guys
[Spoonfork] Eh brader, who si the culprit here ;-)