Thursday, October 12, 2006


Exhilirating, you betcha,

Thats what I found out when I went out with the guys for roadbiking at KESAS. Had the oppurtunity to test out my new roadbike on the KESAS motorcycle lane going from Extreme Park to Subang and down to Seri Petaling and back to Subang. Its about a 30 km distance and having wind in your face is extremely refreshing.

Since I was not sure of the timing and this was the first time that I riding out with this group, I rush like hell from my normal RPM class at AXIS to Extreme Park anticipating jam. We set off for the ride at about 8:30pm.

Comparing to the ride normally done on Tuesday which is a rollercoaster ride of climbs and flatroad, this ride is generally a flat albeit with gentle climb. Hence the pace was quicker averaging 25 to 30km/h.

Immediate observation is that there is a stark difference between riding a road bike and riding a mountain bike, and that is not to use the lowest of gears in order to practice cadence.

Ah well, looking forward to next week ride, haze permitting.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Moving On

Its been a week of mix emotion, melancholic in some ways, stressful in others but eventful nevertheless. The amount of stuff one collects at an organization when u have been serving there for 9 years can be quite boxful to say the least.

Till the last day, I was still having meetings with Minister and his representatives in the roll out of a project while safeguarding organizational interest. It can be stressful when you are caught out in between a big brother (Telco Giant) on other hand and you have an opinionated industry player on the other.

Anyhow, rolling out three boxes of book collection and personal items out of the office can be an emotional experience.

On another note, I also had to relinquish some of my "redundant assets" to make preparation for a career of no income. The previous week saw me dispose of my beloved red sports car, my other mountain bike, one of my hand phone and another of my notebook.

I hope my outlook will be more peaceful in the coming month as I deliberate on my next course of action.