Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rediscovering Food

Found this interesting place near Millennium Place near Jaya Supermarket . The Bistro type Cafe is called Picadilly. It was introduced to me by my RPM instructor last month. Have been to this place quite a few times with various frens and they seems to share the same favoured enthusiasm of the food and environment here.

The food selection kinda reminds me of Strawbery Fields near Menara MPPJ and so is the price. But what is amazing is the quality of the food here. The Briyani preparation here kinda reminds me of the Briyani that I use to have in the UK near Paddington Station. Very spicy.
These are some samples of the Chicken preparation of the starter course. Very tasty.
This is one of the Salad on the menu which I ordered and Salads always reminds me of my daughter's favorite food which she use to order when we go out. Overall, its a fantastic place to hang out. Recommended

Nocturnal Creatures

Bored with non cycling.....lets do it at night
Where: Putra Jaya , Taman Warisan
Time : 10:00 pm Saturday Nite
People: Senn, Jaja, Shazly, Bacin, Adzim (who got lost coming to Taman Warisan), Ihsal, Farook and few others
Route Distance = 28km per loop
IMG_6350 Pictures of CK, Ihshal and his DYMM, and May Senn (Jaja in background)
Took just about 1 hour for the loop, quite interesting. Senn, Jaja, Ihshal, me and Shazly decided just to do one loop where the rest decided to go for another 50% more.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Preview of PCC Presidential Ride this year - MTB Event

Presidential ride is just round the corner and I haven't had time to even review, whether I have enough guts or little skill I have to go down all those downhill and narrow switchbacks. Last year , with adrenalin pumping and the innocence of adventure, I went in and attempted almost all the downhill portion. (maybe also becoz malu in front of so many girls la). This was last years report. My MTB is still under surgery with the fork rosak. Need to put in some mileage before this traumatic 60km ride. 60km in trails is equivalent to 180km on road.

Ling the Merciless has documented this well during last years Presidential Ride. Look at that downhill stretch before the end of video. That's towards the end of Loop3 which I had to literally and physically crawl out. I have never seen so many people cramp out before.

Angela Gray also covered it well from a Singaporean perspective here. This year, its going to be tougher with earlier cut off times and the expected time for average rider to come in is at 3 pm. At 3pm, i was still stuck in Loop3 last year due to an over inflated ego and not taking enough water. This year the organizer is capping registration at 600 and within 1 week of registration opening, there are already 200 applications. I think the registration may close sooner then the date due which is end of October.

Going through my checklist for the Presidential ride, lemme see:-
Bike - Not ready
Rider - Not ready
Skill - Where is it?
Registration - Done
Spares and Tools - Rat bitten

Summary - YAHOO - All set for Presidential Ride then - FOR ME TO DOOM-

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cycling Around Batu Arang

Those interested to cycle around Batu Arang town will perhaps want to have some preview of the route and nice terrain of cycling in that part of Selangor. This is one of PCC most enjoyable route. Many cyclist also like this route due to the rolling hills and low traffic volume and not to mention some breath taking view and smell ;-).
round batu arang

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tueday Nite Ride Tulips

Ariff (the Tuesday Nite Ride Goup leader) did drop me a note to request that perhaps I can help out by reproducing the Tulips and Direction for the Tueday Nite ride for newbies to refer. Hence, herewith attached is the Ride Direction.
Tuesday Nite Ride

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ride Direction and Tulips - Destination Batu Arang and Back

I thought I would like to spend some time this Puasa month trying to help fellow cyclist by producing ride route direction and Tulip signs for some of the more favourite ride around the Klang Valley.

The following are route direction for rides that starts from Center Point:-

Heading for Batu Arang
a) Center Point to Batu Arang via Kuang (47.5 km one way)
b) Center Point to Batu Arang via Batang Berjuntai/Selangor Fruit Farm ( 69.5 km one way)

Coming back from Batu Arang
a) Batu Arang to Center Point via Guthrie Corridor (42.5 km one way)
b) Batu Arang to Center Point via Puncak Alam (53.3 km one way)

Morning Rituals

7 days of fasting and its now becoming a ritual of coming down at about 4:45 am , sitting down at the table, starring at food on the table and your eyes, mind, stomach and body is having a debate of what to do.

Pick up that rice and curry (Mind says)
Huh (retort body)
Can we go to
the toilet first (says stomach)
Take a drink first then (says mind)
I dowant, I protest, am not awake yet (says hand)

Debate goes on and on for 15 minutes.............

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Collection of Photograph of Interstate2007

These are some of the collection of photographs that I have managed to come across relating to the Interstate2007. This one is courtesy of Endorphin Addict who seems to have tons of storage while another is by Linden

Enjoy the photos


I will take any positive initiative though limited as long as it makes me very happy. Something is better then nothing ;-)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Cleaning up of Database

It is that time of year again, I am cleaning up my contact database. I normally categorize my contacts in the following manner:-
a) Adopted relatives - These are buddies that I can rely upon and willing to help me physically and financially, we commonly engage in some form of contact once every few days either by text or otherwise. I can also share some form of secret.
b) Buddies - These are often contacted people which I have some form of engagement either virtually or physically at least once a week and can be relied upon for assistance.
c) Friends - People who engage with me in a two way conversation once every month or so and have met and did some projects.
d) Acquaintance - People who I just met and have no knowledge of their background but I need to have their contact in my address book for business.
e) Strangers - People whom I have no knowledge but calls me out of the blue.

I only keep in my address book (a) to (d) only. Some have been in communicado for ages and and I have relegated them to an (e) and my immediate thots is to remove them from the address book. As I will be changing my mobile number soon, I need to copy some of these critical numbers to the SIM card and I would like to apologize if u have been relegated to an (e) as I noticed some of the contacts in my SIM card have not been useing for ages and neither have been contacting me at all (for all u know, these numbers are aready invalid).

Friday, September 14, 2007

Bad Thursday

Started with a tremor on Thursday morning, I thought I was feeling dizzy at my desk watching the Computer Monitor, then the walls and window pane started creaking repeatedly. The admin secretary, shrieked...lets go down, its an earthquake. I quickly follow suit and we were down at the front of the building soon afterwards.

Promised to meet up Adzim for RPM at Cikgu Joanne's class later in the evening. Had that cancel, why? Was driving to CyberJaya and don't know what happen, feel asleep at the wheels and bumped into a car at the traffic lights.

What a bad Thursday, feeling so foolish after that, decide to lope around and reduce danger by hanging out at the car repair shop and later to watch some bicycle frames at bike shop. ARRRGGGGHHHH...need to watch my sugar level, maybe.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pondering and Reflecting

I remember last year this time round, my main objective was just to gain back my health. I use to not be able to climb staircase, wheezing about and dropping of to sleep while driving due to constricted oesophagus. Now, it seems that I am not only doing regular gymming, riding outdoor, going for long rides and even attempt to run the 10km. Have I changed my objective? Have I forgotten my original intent in this journey to health?

Is this a typical syndrome of human inadequacy or the need for more?

I can't help but ponder on my future decision...

Monday, September 10, 2007

10km Run - a dedication to torture

Having never ever run outdoor beyond 4 km, i was beginning to regret my decision to ATTEMPT to run 10km pacesetter route. My regret later was subdued having to see so many familiar faces like Phoebe, Ashley and Kimberly. Having also support from dear friends such as Joanne, Andy, Adeline, Bernard and Wong was very heartwarming. Bernard and May Senn had gatecrashed. Met Jaja and chief Kutu as well.

However, i would like to dedicate this run and finishing medal to May Senn, who was my race bunny, race coach and such a dear friend who stuck by me coaxing, cajoling and motivating me to run and not walk even on the hills. Although I had tried to sneak in under the 1 hour 30 minutes that Bernard had set, I just managed 5 minutes beyond that cut off time.

Having not known what to expect, I set a pace of between 6km to 7km per hour in the first 5km. I reached the first 5km mark at about 40 minutes and was hoping to duck in under the mark. Unfortunately, by the 8km, my legs became wobbly and felt as if it would not support me anymore. May Senn step up and coaxed me to set small targets, like "let chase that guys in red shorts, if we can pass the girl in the blue 69 T-Shirt...".

Reaching the finished line, Adeline, Wong, May Senn and Bernard was kind enough to run together with me to the finish line as a mark of support. Thank you dear friends, I don't know how to repay your kindness.

Actually, I was kinda surprised to be able to finished the run without cramping out earlier. My original target was to see what kilometer mileage I will cramp out so that I can decide whether to do the Powerman Sprint or full distance.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Recover Ride to Tekala

Decided to go to the ride organized by Adzim and Bacin. They have decided to go to Broga, while Bernard and me decided to have a short ride to Tekala and back to Batu 14. Upon reaching there and seeing the crowd, i think the decision was a wise one seeing that all the riders that turn up are either mutant or triathlete minus me. I was also about to do my first 10km run the next day, and was not that keen to go anything more then 60km.

True enough, Bernard and Kim set a beeline to Tekala at a 35km/hr pace. Adzim and Ariff, not willing to take the bait stayed back at a more leisurely pace of 30 - 32km/hr, (he kinda whispered to Ariff, you know those guys are only going to Tekala). Some who followed us, we don't know how that would have fared after Tekala and Broga.

Had our nasi lemak at Tekala and pushed back to Batu 14, this time round going stairways to heaven route. Bernard, Alwin and myself were later joined by Kim Yap who also decided to do just 90km that day for another mee session at Batu 14. Went back at about 11 am to collect my bib number for the Mizuno Wave Run.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I have become Comfortably Numb

That's the feeling that I get after going with the PCC boys and girls in our Biking Holiday from Ipoh, Taiping, Kulim, Bukit Mertajam, Penang Bridge, Balik Pulau and Telok Bahang. The Pink Floyd song kept ringing in my ear as I struggle to finish the last leg while looking for the hotel.

But what can I say about the Interstate2007, its sheer fabulous.

Day 1 Route - Route was excellent, 150km the first day, with just a minor climb at Bukit Berapit. But pace was fast - averaging 30km/hr. Forgot about the small hill climb before Kuala Kangsar though. Had to do three refuel stop, one at kilometer 60, 80 and another at kilometer 110 (ie before the climb). Company was good, notably May Senn and Joanne kept company until Air Kuning and subsequently into Taiping Golf Resort. Arrived at Taiping just about 1 pm.

Day 2 Route - Lead the group out of Taiping Golf Resort, panicked a little for about 20km or so as there was almost 100 eager cyclist dong an average 40km/hr and blocking the whole one and half lane of the road causing jam. Everyone was anticipating the hill climb at 39 km mark, many underestimated the climb and had to push. Went up and down and was breezing with the KOTRT guys at 40km/hr speed upto the 52km mark. Speed went down to average 30km/hr from Selama to the Mahang junction. Nearly bonked due to the heat that day and body overheating. Had it not been due to May Senns' ingenuity of drenching me with a bottle of cold mineral water, I might have to sleep it of somewhere near there. In true friendship and support, she kept company and help me get back to BM (the last 30km). Still managed to reach the Summit Hotel at about 1 pm.

Day 3 Route - The inaugural ride crossing the Penang Bridge was exciting to say the least. Was assisting with the Marshaling of riders upto Queensbay Mall. (Note to self - Don't ever wear pink jersey anymore). The weather was we cross the bridge was not as bright, showered a little as we came to Queensbay Mall. Had a good refreshment at QBM and later pushed up to Balik Pulau at breakneck speed. It rained heavily and visibility was not that good, but still manage to be one of the few to reached there early. Food was not ready and had to linger around for about 1 hour.

Finished daging bakar and air asam and quickly rushed out to start the journey back to the hotel. Not familiar with the route, reserved some energy during the 200m climb. Upon coming down, the descent was exciting and managed to rota tingly drafted and provided drafting between Ariff, Jasmine and me. We reached the hotel at about 1 pm and had boisterous time taking photos. Appeared in Star newspaper the following day though.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Some Clips from Interstate2007

Day 1 - Getting out of Ipoh

This is from Ipoh to Bukit Berapit near Taiping

Day 2 - From Taiping Golf resort to Bukit Mertajam

Day 3 - Crossing the Penang Bridge to Queensbay Mall

Enjoy, while I figure out what to write!!!