Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Redeeming the Ghost of dePalma

I thought the morning started bad enough when i first unloaded the bike (my trusty Pinarello) to find that it has one bottle cage only. The morning already looked recovering from wet nite and the sky does not seem to have any clouds. I thought to myself "Shit, I made another bubu". I am so gonna suffer with only one bottle of water at Bukit Pelandok.

That does not go well especially when i screw up one of the ride before this (same route) and bonked big time. Actually i was nearly hospitalized due to dehydration, but not wanting my close friends see my suffering, i chose to keep it quiet and play it down. I was lying down at the Depalma hill, not able to move, being bitten by ants and other insects having to endure the suffering before help came. It is with this insecurities that has thought me that i may have to depend on my training buddies to pull me back from the cold if I needed it. Actually, the last time round, the ever dependable, reliable and steadfast Adeline came to my rescue having ridden back singlehandedly back to MTDC car park and took the car back to Depalma to rescue me. That time, Maysenn and Ariff was also by my side keeping me company. I never did thank them (especially Adeline) formally for that.

The route also is the route that has many good memories having done Aids ride and many of the Ironman training ride which i had the oppurtunity to play support. It is with this background that I began my morning ride. There was about 13 of us, Alwin, Julie, Hadi, Ihshal, Deryk, Yit Thing Bro, Yit thing, Vincent, May Senn, Ariff, Alan (Senn's father), newbie EZeer (who registered in Half Iron and just got bike day before) and myself.

We started about 8 am and reached Sepang by about 9:15 am, which was reasonable. Since my usual training buddie has now moved on, i made a pack with with Senn to Sweep and hoping that in the event anything should happen to me, she could rescue me as she has also proven to be reliable and dependable. Unfortunately, in my zealousness to up the speed from Sepang to Lukut, I had accidently dropped Senn and Ariff and was with Alwin and Julie until Lukut. I was crazy enough to do it again during the trip back from Lukut to Sepang. Senn and Ariff, please forgive me for that.

Having blundered my pack with Senn, and feeling guilty, i stayed back behind in the Sepang-MTDC leg. Senn, knowing that I was being haunted by the dePalma hill ghost assured me, she will be waiting at the top of the hill for me. That was like a sound of relief in my small heart and I climbed that hill determined to redeem myself. Having reached the top with Senn and Ariff, some bikers passed us by and shouted, "Wehhh, ur friend is down at the foothill lying on the grass". Ariff and myself, in panicked quickly went down the hill again to look for Ezeer. It is at the halfway point going down that I said to myself "Shit, now I have to climb the hill again!!". But remebering what Adeline had done for me before, I thought this guy deserves the same kindness and support.

I went up the hill, had a few words with Senn and decided to shoot off back to MTDC to collect the car and come back for them. I have never cycled so fast consistently for that last 19km having averaged 30km/hr. I reached base and got the car out to provide support as Senn and Ariff was on reaching point. I saw Ezeer 5 km from base and gave him water. As he was determined to finish the ride I chose to accompany him back in the car.

Lessons learnt: Repay the kindness other people have showered on you to others as you may not know when your numbers will be up. What goes around comes around. Extend your gratitude and apologies immediately as you may not have the oppurtunity to thank them again.