Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Interstate 2008 - Another Done on checklist

This year Interstate can be summed up as follows:
Day 1 - Like Roti Puree (with a high ascent) - 131km
Day 2 - Like Roti Nan (With undulations and rolling hills) - 178km
Day 3 - Like Chapati (Flat) - 155km

But if you just go for the Interstate like some of my friends just for the bike ride, then you are actually missing all the fun( Its almost like looking at the trees and missing the forest). You get this from their conversation that only describe the ascent, descent and nothing else. I look forward to the Interstate as a place of self test on rides, enjoying the scenery, enjoying the company and enjoying the food (along the way and end of the road).

It was funny when i was sitting round the table and i was discussing the nice water fall that we stopped by before Bahau and the nice beach that we were at before Kuantan and the nice authentic nasi lemak that was served at a gerai near Rompin. Some of my cyclist friends actually missed this and some even missed the accident that happen near them too.

On the first day, we set off from Kajang early morning and was on to the foot of Peres by about 745. The scenary and mist on Peres was wonderful. Adeline, Senn and me was supposed to set a small peloton to Bahau, unfortunately Senn had difficulties with her contact lens and had to abort the ride. We waited for her for almost 30 minutes before pushing of for Bahau upon hearing that she has gone up the car. At kilometer 90 (Pertang Town), the route took us to a challenging climb and rutted road that was bad on my wrist. There was also a lot of aroma from the bomb that cows had excreted and dodging these bomb are quite mind boggling. Lessons learnt here is never to take two bowls of ABC before continuing on long ride. Otherwise you might just barf. Nearing Bahau, there were quite nice kampong scenary that made me reminisce of times when young. Reached Bahau just before 2 pm.

Second day, the Marshall car lead us out of Bahau (quite a quaint old town) and lead us to the junction that lead us to the Bahau Keratong highway. This road was built to cut across the palm estate and also serve as the security road (air craft can land- so I was told). May Senn, Adeline and me made a small pace line together with one other KOTRT boys and headed for Kuala Rompin. We had to surrender the peloton as Adeline's shoe cleats came off and I had to do some minor adjustment. We pushed off a few minutes later and caught up with Boot (Letuang) and made another pace line until we caught up with PK's peloton.

We worked together until the turn off to Melati at kilometer 51. At kilometer 60, my saddle bag came off and I was debating with myself whether to rectify this and loose the peloton or not. After about kilometer 75, i thot i had better rectify the saddle bag and also refill at one of the support car stop, while PK's peloton continued. Adeline was nice enough to slow down as I caught up with her 2 km later. We also caught up with Boot and work together for another 10km or so (ehem, we somehow lost Boot) as me and Adeline worked until Bandar Muadzam. As I came about just before Muadzam Shah, a smiley face of Joanne greeted me (she is my support car driver) and May Senn was also there (having hung on to PK's peloton, she was nice enough to also wait for me at Muadzam). Went into Muadzam looking for gerai at the Bus stop, where Jeff, Tan Seng Khooi and Terry was just about to finish their lunch. We had the longest lunch ever, having stopped there for an hour.

It was a good time to regroup as the Letuang Boys was there as well. We left off at 12:00pm and worked a pace line until Kuala Rompin. There were nice stops for Water Melon and Coke along the way and we reached Kuala Rompin just about 3pm. Had also a nice Kentucky chicken just before the dinner that nite, somehow Kentucky in the outside of Klang Valley taste different.

Day 3 began with the Marshall car leading us out to the Kuala Rompin Kuantan road which has one of the most beautiful scenery and beaches that I have seen. I also had the opportunity of eating the nicest nasi lemak at km 34 and the nicest nasi dagang at Pantai Lagenda. having being burnt out following the fist peloton for 21km, i set a pace line with clarence and Ivan for another 13km until Clarence wanted to stop for food. We had nasi lemak and pushed of towards Pekan. I survived only another 26km before surrendering the day due to in inflamed pimple near my a**e. My leg and body say ride, but my Ar*e said "U gotta be kidding me, please, please stop".

Well, I played support car driver for a while and we raced of to support PK's peloton and reached Kuantan at about 1230. I also had the nicest nasik Ayam and mee maggi sup while waiting for our rooms to be readied. What a memorable Interstate08.

Ok, done all together 380km for 3 days, it was more then my expectation, i am happy. Without any training.