Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Interstate2009 - A hill that is a wall and a Gunung that is Flat

I have never seen such nice country side as in Negeri Sembilan, Johor and Melaka by bike. There are many first that I take away from this interstate:-
a) This must have been the nicest Interstate route that I have the privilege to be on.
b) I have also never seen 3km/hr achievable and balance able on a bike.
c) I have never seen my heart rate reached more the maximum of 110%.
d) Bukit Inas bring new meaning to Bukit (14% climb) whilst the flat road to Gunung Ledang is a surprise.
e) A new meaning in bringing a new secret weapon to Interstate 09.
f) Being close to nature and having some of those items splattered on ur face. I have never dodge so many cow dung left on the road in my life.
h) A near equivalent mountain bike trail route (tarmac) is a nice addition.
The room was ok but the company was great. Lets one sees that other side of people when u are sharing the resort together.

The graph above was taken from Shaharin of KOTRT