Monday, April 30, 2007

Lovers Handle

Damn, been lazy and not doing any exercises for the past week. I am extremely sore with myself. Time waits for no man and looking back, I am paying the price of that inaction - I am putting on weight , again.

After the 16x km ride, my recovery days somehow got extended and yesterday, what was supposedly a recovery ride turn to be elek, pocik due to a feeble excuse of rain. Trying to rectify my guilt, went to RPM class (Pat and Lynn) at Curve and truth enough, by the ending of Track 7, i was nearly kaput.

Didn't even go to swimming class yesterday and this week, I made a vow not to stop Gymming and excising from today. I am so looking forward to Frasers Hill ride tomorrow....

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Planning for 2 weeks of Joy Ride

Weekend is coming up, and PCC is arranging for a recovery ride from Hospital Orang Asli to Janda Baik this coming weekend (60km). This should be interesting and to top it up, on Labour day, we have a ride to Frasers from Kuala Kubu Bharu (95km).

Not sure whether to do both or select one of this since Century Ride is just round the corner (6th May). To top it up further, PCC is arranging for Holiday on Bike/King of Montain ride to Camerons on the 12th May. This shud be one interseting ride as well. Now if I were to do Camerons, that will only leave Genting as last on my checklist of hills to climb for this year. Woweeeeee...

This is going to be one fun fortnite. I better keep my Mountain Bike in the store longer....sigh.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ladies with PRIDE

My memories of Renee Aziz has always been pleasant and joyful. I remember the time when she worked with me as a Civil Engineer in JKR, she asked me to accompany her to her practice session as a backup singer to Shiela Majid. I said to myself, "Wow, a singing Civil Engineer". That was one of the most moving moments in my life. Having heard how she battled with Cancer and how i lost a few colleague that way, i was and am very proud that she managed to overcome the cancer and would carry on the pursuit of undertaking mountain climbing as a challenge.

Ironically, the manner which this news was related to me was through another acquaintance, Stephanie Chok. This girl, if you know her like I do, is very humourous and has talent of story telling. She makes mundane stories like personnal everyday challenges exciting and kept us in awe of the things that she had to do to climb Aconcagua (not that I want to take anything away from her real physical talent). She is one hell of a triathlete and a very good friend.

Both of them are part of the expedition that concequered Aconcagua and this has been documented very well. ASTRO will be broadcasting this "Climb with PRIDE" on the days:-

Detail below:

ASTRO Ria, Channel 4 (in Malay)
Date Time
1 May 2007 (Tuesday) Episode One 1:30pm – 2:30pm
2 May 2007 (Wednesday) Episode Two 1:30pm – 2:30pm

ASTRO News, Channel 92 (in English)
Date Time
5 May 2007 (Saturday) 3 pm– 4 pm
6 May 2007 (Sunday) 3 pm – 4pm

I feel that it is a shame if we miss this documentary.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Cyclist Mathermatics - Long Sunday Ride

Now you tell me, how does 145km - 85km (at mid point) = 85km. The PCC newsletter published the ride as a 145 km ride prelude to the Ipoh Century Ride, well, it turn out that I clocked 166km when I reached Center Point Bandar Utama.

Got up early eager to tackle the ride from Center Point-Ijok-Sungai Tengi-Ijok-Center Point. The group was very punctual pushing of at 7:35. Me and a fren of mine was rather late and pushed of at 7:40 with another later peloton. Caught up with the main group near Kota Damansara and we were pushing speeds of 36-38km by the time we hit Guthrie Highway. Typical when the front group consist of Geoff Kronenberg and other prolific riders. We reached Ijok at about 9:10 am for our first pitstop before pushing off to Sungai Tengi. At that moment, my mind is still synching to the 145km distance.

The moment we reached Sungai Tengi, we had done 84 km on clock and that is when i realized that something is wrong with the Maths. We are at Sungai Tengi at 11:15 am and thinking that this was the halfway point, we were kinda wondering what time will we reached home ;-).

Ah well, we still have to go home anyway. The thot of taking a taxi did cross my mind but since I have only RM10 in my pocket, I kinda plodded back with this Gym instructor fren of mine back. On the way back, since the peloton was quite small and we kinda loss sight of the main peloton, a group of us decided to work as a team to get ourselves back to Ijok. I was pulling the team back at 25km/hr average, but at one stage got carried away trying to catch up with the Le Tua Team Train which passed us at 36-38km average (I know as I was behind them for about 1km until I was tired out).

When we arrived at Ijok, the whole group was waiting for us. I drown myselves with Red Bull and had to massage my legs as I can feel the onset of cramps. All the ORS and 100plus still cannot deter the cramps. Going back from Ijok, I was back to my own self and doing 30-32km/hr until we reached Sungai Buloh. Due to traffic light, I was the only one left behind and had to go back alone from Paya Jeras to Kota Damansara. Met up with my buddy from Fitness First and we push of to Center Point and arrived at Center Point at 3:40pm in torrential rain.

Its quite an exhilarating ride and I suppose it goes to show that the 166 km can be done within the stipulated Century Ride time frame. It was a good outing for my RPM instructor friend of mine as it kinda proof that she is fit and can do the 160km in one go. Congrats to her.

Hmmm...6000 calories burn today, does that mean I can splurge on ice cream!!!!

Space Race - Kuala Lumpur

Wanna feel your adrenalin pumping ala AXN-Adventure Race, but on a smaller version, well I did. Spent the whole Saturday helping out friends of mine from Quick Release Adventure volunteering as the Camera man for the Space Race.

Was running around town (being a lone camera crew) trying to get snapshot of them at Cosmos Berjaya Time Square (BTS), Titiwangsa (the Eye), Bangsar Village Celebrity Fitness, Central Market- Angklung Store, Suria KLCC Baker Boys and MATIC Batik Print. The contestant had to do several task and I kinda pity some of them having to do strenuous task both physically and mentally.

I reached BTS back at 3:00 pm and some of the contestant was faster then I was. Damn, that was amazing. Took about 1 hours worth of video clips. To all the contestant, well done.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Don't Feel Like heaven - The Road to Nirvana

Century ride in Ipoh is coming along. This is a 100 mile (160km) road race going around Perak on a bike. Running up to this Ride, some of us in PCC, decided to ramp up the build up by arranging (upto now) 2 bike rides. The week before we rode a distance of 107km to Center Point-Ijok-Kapar-Puncak Alam-Center Point. Day before yesterday, we rode from Tekala-Genting Peres-Kuala Kelawang-Pantai-Lenggeng-Broga-Semenyih-Tekala (A total distance of 117km) which feels like 180km.

I should have known that I was going to have a tough time on that ride. The day before, I went into Kiara and had a tough time just completing Twin Peaks let alone the ride to Sri Hartamas. deciding to cut my ride short to reserve for the Broga ride, I went back early, after experiencing one en do, two run in with the trees, and two tumbles.

Starting the Sunday at Tekala, there must have been 40 to 50 riders at the start point. It was like a bikers fest with thousand dollar machine on parade (the BMCs, LOOK with BORA wheels, Colnago etc). Well, by the time we push of for Genting Peres, the riders were spread apart. Upon reaching Genting Peres, the smart people like Arif, May Senn decided to turn back to Tekala, while 30 odd of us loonies decided to take the plunge to Kuala Kelawang. I remember my BikePro owner/fren said "Its just three hills, we should be able to do it". Some one forgot to mention that we will be crossing the Banjaran Titiwangsa twice. This ride is about Climb, climb, climb - its the toughest ride that I have ever done. Sure, at some point going downhill at 72km/hr was exhilarating, but the climb from Tekala to Peres and Kuala Kelawang, the climb from Kuala Kelawang to Pantai and lastly the climb to Broga was insane especially in hot arid midday sun.

The feeling was like riding to Genting Sempah 2 times and plus doing the ride from Gap to Frasers 4 times and going to Janda Baik twice all in one ride. I'd hate to do it in reverse. Ironically, symbolically while going back to Tekala, we passed by Nirvana Memorial Park near Semenyih. Some of us felt we should have checked in since we were three quarters dead by that time.

I was on the bike for about 6 hours, i could have reached Ipoh already. My butt was also telling me it does not want to feel the seat no more. This is one memorable ride which I would like to forget. I had to go to my swim class to cool down that day.


Check out these cool profiles at Adrian's Blog. This is totally awesome and cool

Monday, April 02, 2007


This weekend has been interesting to say the least with mix adventure and misadventure. Lets get the toxin portion out of the system first:-

Took up swimming lessons as part of my "pick a new Skill a year" kinda thing. Went to Swimming pool, got summon for wrongful parking by MPBJ. I think its just jealousy for not using their car park at 8 pm at night. Its not the amount per Se, but the feeling of being wrongfully judged that bugs me. How was I to know that at 8pm, and with those blurry lights, I am to park in the dimly lit car park. I am merely trying to place the car as close as possible to the lighted area and not obstructing traffic. Duhhhh...

The night before I was also reprimanded for trying to help a fren, who in my judgement needed help. I was ticked off quite severely for trying to help when help is not warranted. Maybe that was my fault as I have this bad habit of falling into the "Hero syndrome". I think, the feeling of hurt was offset ted by the positive euphoria of watching a good movie that we went to - 300. It is quite ironic, for someone who prefers to watch Bean or Comedic type movie, i have grown to appreciate other genre. I felt that I kinda owe it to this fren of mine.

My pocket got hurt on Friday and Saturday for making good my mother and daughters car. Took out a fair bit of RM1300 to rectify the aircond and key system of Perodua. Feeling kinda low, I laze about in my frens bike shop on Saturday evening.

Positive Adventure
Saw a good movie (300) with some frens. Though you can but felt this movie have a tinge of propaganda on Freedom and the American way, overall, the movie is exciting every minute of it. Trying to depict the battle between the Spartan and the Persian King Xerxes in 90 minutes doesn't do justice.

Went outdoor riding again on Sunday to Ijok. Coming back it was raining. Boy, I wish I had wipers on my glasses. I just could not see a thing and the guys were pushing quite a pace trying to reach the destination fast. We did the total 85 km in about 3 hours only.

Managed to swim a little, thanks to swimming coach. I had learn about breathing, buoyancy, and simple swim. Swimming is tough for an ole geek like me, since I am very top heavy. There is a lot of drag and I tend to run out of breath after about 20 feet. Ah well, nothing comes easy, i need to practice. But I so do look forward to going for swimming classes, I had set a target of at least one class per week.