Monday, June 18, 2007

FRIM - Revisiting

Its been quite sometime that I have been to FRIM. Last Saturday went to accompany pals from Quick Release Adventure and a newbie into an initiation ceremony into the MTB cult. The route we took was Rover and Steroid Hill.
My conclusion of FRIM, its getting easier and there is a whole lots of pacat. Got bitten left and right. The waterfall near canopy is still as tranquil as before, notice that there is a girl in pink there meditating by the stream of water. So peaceful....
As most of the guys have not been to FRIM for ages, here I was briefing on the difficulties of coming down steroids, only to find out that it was levelled and there are no more gulleys and rocks. Urrrgghhh...
Ah well, some things are still the same, food , lack of stamina, not bringing in water for the ride and lastly for me not to be able to climb steroids in one go.

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