Monday, June 18, 2007

Up Hill Time trial - 1st FAK UP (for me that is)

I think i call it the race of truth. Its where u find out whether u can climb this hill or not and relative to the other person. I also think that many people just didn't want to enter becoz of the fear that you may really find out where u stand and it may bother your ego. Well, i for one did it for no other reason but in the spirit of community assistance. Originally, I went there to help out with the race, but upon seeing that the race organizers have enough assistance and not to project the image that there are more race organizers then participant, I enrolled for the race.

Its roughly an 8 km climb with an elevation of merely 250m (in the last 3 km) .

The results are as posted in the Fakawi Website and I did horrendously. Knowing the results as I was climbing up, I decided to end the day by going for a spin ride to Batu 18 with Boon Foo. Met a few way2ride riders and the Malaysian squad training as they were climbing the reverse side.

Went back at 11 am after a 30km spin ride. What a Father's day celebration!!! Got a few dadly wishes from some close frens, thanks guys n gals.

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