Monday, June 18, 2007

Tough Love

I have been mentoring this guy for the past few months and last Friday was the pits and it really kinda spoil my weekend (I think). He cares for this person/confidant so much that off all things (and I keep reminding him this), he uses technology indiscriminately. He was communicating with his friend and it seems he went overboard and over stated his intent and by using SMS and YM/Instant messaging, communication between him and his friends broke down and now he has lost everything that is so dear to him.

The ironic and tiring part of this is now he is bugging me with his glum and trying to talk to me non stop and its causing me distress and I am not being able to enjoy my weekend. Sheessshh, talk about being an idiot. I keep reminding him that not to be so emotional and don't use SMS and he blews it, some people will never learn - I say. I know it sounds kinda cruel but all I can say to him is go and listen to the lyrics of Frey...Hahahahah. Serve him right.

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