Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Recovery Ride - A new definition

It started with Ariff reminding me that I have not done the Tuesday nite ride for quite sometime. So, Tuesday morning, I packed my bike in the car and was ready and raring to go to the Tuesday ride which Ariff takes the lead. Having just recovered from the PCC Batu arang ride, I was not in the mood to go for aggressive pace and was looking at a more leisurely pace. Knowing that Ariff might wanna go fast, I look for company and this was my conversation with my learned friend :-

[15:37] Mac: wanna cycle tonite?
[15:37] Mac: ttdi
[15:38] bernard: i am
[15:38] Mac: cool
[15:38] Mac: cya tonite
[15:43] bernard: i think i am going ot be slow
[15:43] bernard: today ler.
[15:44] Mac: so am I, please keep me company
[15:44] bernard: yeah no prbs.

Huh, when I arrived there, the usual suspects were already there, Adrian, Ariff, May Senn, Jaja, Karen, Willie, Bernard, Patrick and Jason. But the moral of story is that when a triathlete says that he or she is on recovery ride, what they mean is that you'll see his/her butt in ur face. The moment we hit the Pencala Link tunnel, Bernard was already sprinting ahead and leaving us minions behind.

Damn, even Jaja and May Senn was faster then me in most part of the hill climb. I am still trying to recover from that recovery ride. Note to self: Careful in interpreting when triathlete is having a conversation.


tryathlete said...

that was a recovery pace. you should see us when it's not!

just kidding...

petitemeehoon said...

jeng jeng jeng

beyond cut off said...

my 'speed' was very much thanks to my greatly missed compact crank.

yesterday was a welcome back ride for my sweet "crankolina"


The Editor said...

tryatlete: No you are not ;-)

beehun: apa itu jeng..jeng..jeng

beyond cut off: There she goes again

bola2api said...

biasalah Mac.. sorang start enjut, semua pun ikut la..

takkan tak biasa kot...

also u shud beware if bacin invites u to recovery ride..

takut2 kau takleh recover balik after recovery ride tuh :P haha

The Editor said...

bola2api: Hmmm..agaknye lingo budak Tri ni camtu kot. Memang sah, sekarang ni I nak kena ambil satu extra day to recover from my recovery ride. Recover memanjang, bila nak train entah