Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Recovery of Body and Mind

What do you do after a good bike ride? Carbo loading, recovery ride, laze about....no..u go and watch movie. Since there wasn't much people at the cinema, went to Cine Leisure and got tickets to see Shrek 3 and not having enough movies to wash over you, buy another ticket to watch Pirates of the Caribbean.

Shrek 3, .....not much of a fan of this one. Seems to loose a bit of zest when compared to the Shrek 1 and 2. The stroryline is abit tame and more like a love story fairy tale rather then the witty film that it was in Shrek 1 & 2. Maybe I just could't connect with the happy ending in this story. I wouldn't recommend to see it though

Pirates, now this is a different ball game altogether. Though, u sense the fact that the film maker is loosing ideas of how this movie is to be run, and the fact that having pirates from all areas of the world to cater for the different international audience, the movie is much more watchable then Shrek. Though I am not much of a Johnny Depp, i do find that his character being very witty and helps the movie where there is too much serious overtones.

I would recommend for viewers to see the movie if not for the character, storyline and special effects


faie said...

I don't like the ending lah. A bit sad :(

petitemeehoon said...

i lurfff johnyy depp :X

bola2api said...

shrek 3 kureng skit.. i like shrek 1 better..

but my Faris.. tengok Shrek tak berkedip2! He adores Shrek..

The Editor said...

faie: Which part, the Pirates? A bit hanging though.

Petite: Nahh...he is to gay, now Orlando Bloom, he is something ;-). What the hell am I saying.

Bola2api: Agreed with the Shrek thingy. If ur Faris adores Shrek, he might be comfortable wif me tho