Monday, June 25, 2007

PCC Interstate - Registered and Prep

PCC generally organize to major rides every year, the PCC Interstate and the Presidential Ride for Mountain Biking. The Presidential ride last year was the most memorable for me, as that was the introduction for long distance mountain biking that I was first involved in. 60km of sheer torture in Semenyih jungle area.

Now, PCC is organizing this Interstate Biking Road Ride which will allow most of us 360+ km of road riding thru the most scenic area of Perak and Penang. More importantly, this is one of the few times, a whole bunch of rider will get to cross the Penang Bridge. As the highway authority is highly skeptic on gatecrashers, we have to register early and will be issued tags to pass thru the toll gate and we will have to cross the bridge within one hour window on that Sunday morning. Even support vehicles will have to be preregistered. LLM is so strict.

We will be pushing off on 31st August from Ipoh and will finish in Penang on the Sunday and come back on Monday 3rd Spetember. As we will be bringing support car, we will not depend on the bus to shuttle us back to Ipoh. Looking at the pictures of hotels booked along the way, it does look nice. So is the rolling hills of Perak !!!

I look at this ride as a biking adventure cum holiday and look forward to catch up with friends and cycling colleagues all over Malaysia. It will also rekindle my thoughts in my first cycling race that I had in Penang as we will be cycling round island starting with Balik Pulau and ending in Gurney Drive. For RM350, I think this 3 day Holiday on Bike looks like a steal.

Going through the checklist with my cycling buddies last Saturday:-

Registration - Check
Thule Roof Rack - Check
GPS - Check
Walkie Talkie - Not Check
Support Car Registration - Check

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