Thursday, February 09, 2006

Oh God - Prayers of a soon to be Pauper

Oh help me, Oh God,
Stop my neighbours from buying things I can't afford.



Levin said...

Something related to the Joneses?

The Editor said...

Yeah, or when someone wants to keep up with frens or bloggers ;-)

Pick Yin said...

must be related to that sinking barge *cough*

pacal said...


spoonfork said...

i don't know the context of this posting so i declined to comment but i can't resist: that quote reveals so much about the true nature of our society - that we are in constant jealousy of our neighbors (oh my look at his wife's breasts! why yours are so small dahling? look, they just got that DUMBIKA sofa from IKEA! dahling let's go and get ours!)

fact of the matter is, we are using our competitive edge in the wrong field.

The Editor said...

[pickyin] That cud be a start. There maybe be many more to come.

[spoonfork]Glad that U commented, but the context is about buying uneccesary items which we do't realy need to be part of the group or clan. changing and buying handphone, when we do not need.