Sunday, December 10, 2006

Chasing Shadows and Checklist

Don't know how to spend the weekend. Well, how about going around the Shah Alam Lake at about 35 to 40km/hr on a hot midday sun chasing a bunch of oldies on a mountain bike and a racer. Fortunately and unfortunately, that's what i just did that today in the Shah Alam Criterium - what was i thinking of.

Having registered myself in the morning in the Junior Veteran for the Mountain Bike and Racing Bike category, the feeling of regret starts to linger as I watched riders from MSN, Selangor, L2A, Terengganu and many other notable and strong veteran riders around the Klang Valley. Resigning to the fact that I had entered this to gain the experience and also to fulfil my checklist of things I wanted to do as part of my health therapy, I went along.

It was a good outing, and competition in some of the categories were extremely strong, we had a few crash outs. Few familiar guys that i saw crashing out (not of their faults, more caused my amateurs like me) were Adli and Shahrin.

What I found interesting/gratifying is that for a competition that you can register for free without any entrance fee in the morning by any individuals, the prizes and prize money can be extremely satisfactory.

Ah well, that nearly closes my riding calender for the year, having participated in PCC Mountain Biking event and this Road Race. Need to plan for next year though.


Anonymous said...

Keep it up, hope to see you in alot more event next year ! Cheers

The Editor said...

Thank you, but my listing of items maybe coming close to an end in the biking area, may have to start another adventure type hobby though. Kayaking and mountain climbing anyone?

Anonymous said...

so what is ur next plan for next year..kayaking and climbing..count on the way 23 is my lucky and fav num...cheers

isaac said...

hhmm, no more cycling? try this for fun, RAFTING or jungle trekking in the alps of the himalaya's or go hunting for deer better yet try Go Karting ! life is great when you have lots of hobbies to occupy yourself with ! Cheers