Friday, February 23, 2007

Turning over a new Leaf

So much has been done in my cycling adventure. A lot of rides, some road some mountain biking and some interstate - what an exhilarating life I have gone thru during my "retirement". I have made friends with lotsa people, some young some errr old (my age). Retirement can be fun but sometimes tiring and hence having decided to move on, i have sought temporary employment at a premier Telecommunication company here in Malaysia. Maybe, this old fox can learn new trade - tackle new adventure.

Last week, it was quite challenging trying to get my butt of the bed, u know, the shifting of time from the casual 10:00 am to 6:00 am and facing the race to work. This sacrifice of battling to work not only to serve my need to keep myself busy but also to subsidise my daughters tuition fees. Though my thots did stray on getting a new Specialize Tarmac Carbon Fibre Bike and the Dopod 838, i better put that on my back burner.

This weekend, i very much look forward to my bike race in Putra Jaya and my ride to Janda Baik with the PCC. So, back to the rat race gang.......


Patrick said...


Found your blog when i was googling for PCC.

Didn't manage to thank you for the advices on last Sat. You've been a great help. Thanks a lot. :)

The Editor said...

Hey hai Patrick,

No prob sir. See u soon in the rides.......

jaja said...

errr hi,

jaja here, found your blog while surfing for bike training around shah alam & subang

i'm totally a newbie in this road bike thingy. and i need to join few groups to improve my bike skills

do email me at
or visit me at