Thursday, August 02, 2007

Interstate2007 - Checklist

Wooohie....the list of participant is out and wow, so many familiar faces and names. So many girls going for this ride....wah lau eh...

Long rides is all about preparations. Anyway, checklist and tips for long rides like this (and lessons learnt from my ride to Penang) are:-

a) Water bottle and packed recovery drink powder - Done!!
b) Rehydration salts satchet - Done!!
c) Power Gel dispenser - Done !!
d) Tyre Lever and Spare Tubes - Done!!
e) Sun-Bloc - Done!!
f) Tools - Done!!
g) Spare handphone and walkie talkie (just in case no coverage) - Done!!

What else ahhh????


bola2api said...

1) minyak gamat - in case melecet
2) gel gamat - for aftersun treatment.. aloe gel also can
3) air badak - in case too dehydrated or temperature naik
4) kain sarong - so that berangin skit lepas ride haha!

i brought all those stuff masa charity ride hari tu.

The Editor said...

bola2api: good feedback, swimming trunks, minyak (gamat, senyonyong and badak)and kain sarong.

petitemeehoon said...

hahaha then i shld bring my kain batik too

The Editor said...

bihun:"..I shud bring...". Apa itu maksud? U coming along to Interstate? Vanakam