Monday, January 28, 2008

Community Service - Sweeping

In trying to recover from the GE Run, didnt do much sporting activities this week except for the BRICK in Putra Jaya on Thursday and a 3km jog on treadmill on Friday morning. So I decided to join PCC in their flattish Bagan Lalang ride. I had to open my big mouth to volunteer to sweep, and there lies my problem.

Firstly, I accidently left a rider Weina (wandernut) behind and only realised when we reached Sepang. I stopped by Sepang and Maysen Ariff asked me, "Have u seen Weina?". I quickly got on my bike and cycled backwards and met her 1 km behind. Feeling foolish, i kinda made notes to stick with her to and fro on the ride.

As we were on our way back from Bagan Lalang, another rider Annie got the cramps. We coax her to Petronas Salak and rested there for about 15 monutes. Just as we were out of Salak, she cramped again, this time so badly that her body was so stiff, that in order for her to get off her bike, we had to remove the front wheels and drop the frame down. We then had to lift her off her dropped frame and place her on the roadside. There she laid by the roadside and was unable to move. Constant massage from Weina couldnt get her muscle to relax. Time for us to hail a taxi back for her.

After about 20 minutes or so, we managed to hail a taxi and got her into the taxi. But the scene was comical but also pitiful. Try to stuff an unvolunteering body into a taxi with care ;-). With the sun on our back, Weina, Vong and me made ourselves back to MTDC and arrived about 40 minutes later. Some of the guys waited patiently for us and we really appreciated that. That 97km ride somehow feels like a 1++ km ride with us being in the sum for more then 6 hours.

I think i will stick to short ride for the time being. Quite an interesting week this has been. But I suppose, someone's got to sweep while others can enjoy their ride.


bola2api said...

mac, one thing sprung in mind after reading this post:

hancur badan dikandung tanah,
budi yg baik dikenang juga.

Anonymous said...

aiyah...u r the most reliable, inspirational, trustable...we always know we can rely on you...

Yup yup..

Hancur badan dikandung tanah,
budi yang baik dikenang juga.

~~spare angel

The Editor said...

Fireball: Sometimes, u wait forever for some else to volunteer ;-)

Anonymous Robot: Hehehehe...yeah rite ;-)

Wandernut said...

TQ for babysitting me.
Hehe :)