Thursday, August 21, 2008

Positioning - Where are we ?

a) Strategy is in the positioning.

b) Hubbing or being a hub and Centre of Excellence all points to position where every one finds u as the reference.

c) Hubbing helps a country like Malaysia to boost its economy by the influx of money be it from investor, tourism, spin offs and also letting the money flow from persons to persons

d) Malaysia has been known to want to position itself as a hub in many areas. In the Telco industry, as a tourism destination spot in this region and perhaps a a champion for the third world or muslim nation.

e) To do this, it needs to compete. If it needs to compete, it needs to execute these plans, lest other neighbouring countries execute it first. If we are loose as a none first mover, we ourselves are to be blame.

f) Sometimes, i often wonder, do all of us share this position or are we people who fail to see the big picture. Industry, businesses and rakyat will wonder whether the policies and direction of the country is not clear and consistent.

g) Case in hand - Avril Lavigne concert. I am not a supporter of the concert and neither an opposer. But to cancel it will also mean to position the country as not a destination of interest for entertainment and lo and behold, our neighbour gets the cake. This is taking prosper thy neigbour to the other extereme. To make matter worse, our people will go down south and thus enrich the economy of Singapore.

h) I have nothing against Singapore, but the issue I have is for us not to compete.

i) Even in the F1 scene, our efforts seems lacklustre in the promotion of the event regionally and we are more concerned on the issues of management of the F1, whereby the Night race of F1 is being promoted aggressively by Singapore in Malaysia.

j) To make matters worse, we cry foul when Singapore was bidding for it and competing with us. Why, because we could be scared of the competition.?

h) I am a firm believer of the Microsoft saying, let us evolve internally and make our current software extinct before being made extinct by other outside.

I am getting more confused by the days, as we seem to shooting ourselves in the foot and moving our position from the also ran to the follower and later perhaps as non-relevant. I am very sad.


Saiful Kodi said...

betul...setuju sangat2!! orang kita ni suka bersaing tapi bersaing pada tempat yang salah atau tak kena gaya. iri hati pun kuat pulak tu.

DPcom said...

bro. no need to be sad b'cos u and i r far more better then others, enjoy what u have now. Life is always wonderfull is depends on how u look at it ~ times pass very fast as u say earlier, so cycle hard-run like mad and be healthy the next day.
^.^ healthy is wealthy

The Editor said...

saiful:Yeah, we do not know where to compete and where to work together.

dpcom:Not sad just agitated. Wanna run also dont know ehere to Run ;-)