Monday, November 10, 2008

Coming back from the DEAD

When u are old, sometimes u wonder whether life is going to dish you anymore lessons ;-). Yesterday, I learnt many valuable lessons.

Lesson 1 - Preparation for cycling event and multisport event is different for oldies like me.
We, being the forgetful bunch that we are, can be well prepared in bringing everything to the Transition area, but not to pack it in our jerseys. Case at hand, after my 5.5km run, i was on my bike phase, i had a pucture 5km before the transition area. What do I have, tubes - but no tyre levers, no pitt stop and no pump. I thought my race was finish and i had already started to walk with my bike back to the Transition start point until 2 saviours came to my rescue, which brings me to my second lesson. Lessons learnt, bike stuff are best kept with the bike during race.

Lesson 2 - There are many kind souls out there who was willing to make sacrifice and give motivation, when all seems lost.
My hats and hearts go out to Azmar for loaning me his pump and to Bandit for loaning me his tyre lever and another pump. I had asked them not to waste time with me as I had lost my steam as i saw all the cyclist/runners that I had overtaken me had gone pass and I had lost about 10 minutes already. I was also not in the mood to continue my race, as a dear fren of mine (May Senn) had passed out at the begining of the race and was concern to get back to transition to find out how she is?

But credit had to be given to Azmar and Bandit for being the gentlement that they are and made sure I can go back to Transition area gracefully and not walked back the 5km. While changing my tube, Tony another fren also had a puncture. Seeing that someone had blessed me with pump and tyre lever, I stuck out another 10 minutes to helped out Tony with his puncture.

I cycled back quietly thinking my race was finished. At transition, as i was sitting around and looking for May Senn, I just couldnt find her, so I though "Well, since I had a bit of time, might as well finish the race, even if I had to walk all the way", which brings me to lesson number 3.

Lesson 3 - Complete your objective, you will have one less regrets
At this point of time, I was not in the mood to race, adrenaline had gone down, legs felt heavy, donno what happen to senn, seeing all the people I had overtaken during cycling all passed me by a good 30 minutes. I went out walking, taking a powerbar in hand, and as I walked out, I saw there were many other runners who were worse off then me who had cramps. I started running again and was doing my running/walking stint just before the second water stop. After that, my legs came back and managed to run all the way into the stadium to be greeted by recognizable faces. So much satisfaction, horrendous timing but the feeling of coming back from the dead is a happy one.


Upiq said...


Well done Bro.

Limitations? What limitations? U've surpassed it with flying colours.

norizzuddin said...

congratulation Mac :)

was thinking to take up the challenge but scraped the thought since i got issue with running. i guest my leg are meant for cycling and walking only ;)

The Editor said...

Upiq: did U, and u did well with that blazingly fast time.

Dino:Walk also can, u shud see my time!!

Dancing Ciken said...

well done mac! i admire your determination

Ride 2 infinity n beyond said...

what is important is that u completed it mah .... weldone !

The Editor said...

dancing ciken:determination ke, takut malu...I pun susah mau decide ;-)

ride2infinity:Yes, thank you