Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We are athlete (the before and after story)

I can sometime be quite cocky and i sometime have disillusion of grandeur of being an athlete. If one is look at my physique, one would have thought that I belong in the 3 stooges gang. Anyway, i thot i might as well relate what happen in my dream of being a weekend athlete in Singapore doing the Singapore Marathon.

Actually, it all boils down the sentence "We are athlete, ....". It all started with a group of us taking the MRT, and trying the be the gentlement, since there was a seat available, i had offered it to Maysenn. She retorted, "No, we are athlete, we prefer to stand". So we went round Singapore taking stairs instead of escalators and preferring to walk rather then taking the MRT all in the name of "We are athlete".

Now, come after race day, we were walking like crabs. After taking the taxi home, we had this monumental task of trying to walk up the apartment of just 4 flight of stairs. The words, "we are athelete" went into oblivion. Walking up/down a flight of stair case was suffering. We even took lift down and up to the MRT. None of us dared to utter the words "we are athelete" anymore.

On a sidenote, Ihave never seen so much people in my life. Its as if the whole of Singapore has turn out to run. Event went all right except for us being wrongly directed in circles in finding the baggage sorage area. Other then that we had a breeze of a time.

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