Friday, April 14, 2006

An eventful Last Quarter

Let see, what have I achieve this past quarter. I have set a few goals late last year, perhaps its time to revisit those goals.

a) Regain Health
b) Find more time for self
c) Explore other interest

Positively....I might have almost achieved most what I had set to do (albeit with support and help from friends), though the journey is still far away. I had enrolled into a gym and last two month progress has been very encouraging. My stamina and strength has gained a fairly bit and I now do not have the "lack of breath syndrom" that often. My blood pressure and glucose level had subsided thus I am now looking forward to seeing the specialist to confirm the results. Indirectly, this coupled with other alternative treatment has resolved some of my behaviour that has lead me to be in a depressive state. I don't pass out during driving anymore (fingers crossed) . I now have a fresher outlook of life.

The offset of it is that I now get too addictive to excercise that I tend to spend an average of 3 hours in the gym. Though I do have off days from Gym, I tend to start my cardio and later go into group excercise classes (which can be back to back). This reduces my time for other social activities. I don't think I gain any brownie points with some of my friends either.

However, in exploring other interest, I have made quite a few new friends, online and offline (especially in the Gym). This has diversified my interest other then just excercise and photography. This has lead me to rekindle some interest in literature and charity work.

My only negative update is the lost of my dear friend, my Thinkpad T41. It took me a bit of time to accept this lost and to date I have not acquired a replacement notebook. I suppose that notebook has many meaning to me and I blame myself for the lacksadisical approach that I had in managing this friend. It is only this week have I accepted closure to this case and will be shopping for a new notebook this weekend.

Looking forward to the next quarter, I am about to start a new project with a new acquiantance. Will provide updates as we go along. Until next review.....


Anonymous said...

its great to hear that u get wat u want (deserve to b more precise...) u consider lucky coz u can stick to 'goal setting type'...not many left here can do that...(i am worst after all in following a goal set to me esp abt personal achievement - sigh-)
anyway....just keep your gud work....few more to achieve if u stick to the dicipline set earlier....wish u gud luck with a gud pray always....(C)

Sze said...

my god. are we really at the end of the first quarter? i think time should be measured by 5-year intervals. then it wouldn't go by so quickly

The Editor said...

[anonymous] I am certian, all of us have goals in life, its a case of going for it one at a time ;).

[sze] Gee, yeah I wish that time can be measured in a five year intervals. That will allow me to relive some of my childhood fantasies ;). Maybe we cud play house together?