Friday, August 18, 2006

My Top 20 Songlist for Mountain Biking

I have just bought myself a new Mountain Bike, a Trek 3900. I took it out a few nites ago and what I found to be complimentary for me was to record some of my favourite Gym songs on my MP3 player to listen to as I ride around. Currently my Top 20 playlist is as follows:-

[BP58]I'll Be Your Light -- Kristine W
[BP58]Stand By Me (Orig Mix) -- Mr Timothy feat. Inaya Day
[BP37] Harden up -- Nicollette
[BP54]Rise (Leave Me Alone) feat. Clark Anderson -- Safri Duo
[BP50]Somethin Goin On (Crack it) -- Boomfunk MC
[BP56]Voodoo Child (12" Mix) -- Rogue Traders
[BP57]Come To Me -- Tina Cousins
[BP55]Olympia -- E Type
[RPM31]Heart Like A Wheel -- The Corrs
[BP58]Hole in the Head -- Sugababes
[BP58]Round And Round -- BodyRockers
[BP57]From Paris To Berlin (Extended Version) -- Infernal
[BP57]Push It -- Garbage
[RPM29]Kryptonite -- 3 Doors Down
[RPM29]Home -- Michael Buble
[RPM28]Freestyler -- Boomfunk MC's
[BP57]Everytime We Touch (Original Mix) -- Cascada
[BP57]Take Your Mama (Mig Vs. Rizzo Remix) -- Scissor Sisters
[RPM25]California Dreamin -- Royal Gigolos
[RPM31]Finally (Classic Club Mix) -- Love To Infinity feat. Charlotte Day


ad said...

fuyorrrrrrrrrrr....boleh pinjam ka itu basikalz ? dont blast the songs too loud.. after belakang lori hon..u no dengar ..hahahahah

rafidah said... leh jadik lance amstrong ni!!!

jgn marah aaa......way to go!!!

The Editor said...

[Ad] Can, its called barter. I loan u bike, u loan me pieces of colored paper with pictures of dead Sultans.

[Rafidah] Lance Armstrong pakai Trek Roadbike, gua pakai Mountain Bike. Tapi gue nye Arm strong jugak, different excercise

kenebanned said...

bos... bila free? leh kuar minum2... :)

The Editor said...

[Kenebanned] Boleh, tapi buat masa sekarang ni susah nak bagi jawapan kalau saya tak mengenali awak.