Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lessons in First Aid

My Life at the moment seems ruled by Cycling. I am so looking forward to a monumental event that will be happening this weekend - the 60km Presidential Ride. In my zest to practice and have company, i had asked a friend of mine R*** to the ride in FRIM. We parked our cars near Sungai Buloh Hospital and started our climb through the trails heading for FRIM.

The approach from Sungai Buloh is a little bit challenging but we made it through to FRIM. In our eagerness to "extend" the ride, we continued on with the rather simple Rover Trails. Going down Rover Trails rather quickly and cutting the story short, R*** slipped and went flying through the air not before hitting the handlebar. This person suffered cuts on the chin, knee and shoulder. Applying first aid, i kinda felt guilty in dragging this guy along to the ride.

How does one apply First Aid to the spirit of the person and also to the guilt of another.


cmdexe5674 said...

kat sini pun tgh nak belajar psl first aid...esp bile kepala rase nak pecah..dah selalu sgt kena ..nyaris nak hancur..

Anonymous said...

y u have to feel guilty..wateva i facing right nw is my choice ..wat i want..stop feel guilty..

The Editor said...

[cmdexe5674] Itu tak payah First Aid, tukar je kepala, sure tak pecah lagi dah.

[poison ivy] Stop Flying around la

Isaac said...

Hey Mr, Editor

This is part and parcel of life, we fall so we can get up and fall again, so that we can learn from the pain. Through Pain we know pleasure. So Poison Ivy, Wish you well, you are going to be one of a top riders. I know you will just dont give up!