Monday, November 13, 2006

Walk like a dinosaur

Being unemployed, i tend to travel using public transport. Last week, I was in Putra LRT, and i noticed this girl listening to her IPOD, but keep shaking her head left and right. Then what surprises me is that she keeps making this gestures using her hands almost imitating a T-Rex dinosaur with hands up and down her chest. I find it quite amusing though.

The train stops in KLCC and both of us got of the stop and so happen we were going to the same destination, the Gym. Later, I found out that she is a new Gym instructor. She was just going through her Choreography to team teach.


isaac said...

this girl with the ipod is so familiar, let me guess, she has long hair, tied in pony tail and she of chinese race. she holds a white ipod that is on a arm band on her left, she is about 170cm tall and she conduct classes in Fitness First. tell me i am right ?

The Editor said...

Muahahahahh, did u take the same LRT? Hmmmm...someone from California Fitness is stalking a competitor in FF ;)