Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Non Pretentious Dinner

It is seldom that one finds good Italian home cooked meal. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to one such good eating spot in a quiet spot called boatHouse Restaurant somewhere near TTDI near Rahim Kajai.

The environment was good, the music was very Continental. There was Spanish, french and Italian ring to the place and what better way to enjoy good food except with good company. I have tasted quite a few Italian type Food, and this by far is the best especially the Lasagna. To remind me of the menu, i took the liberty of taking a few photograph to remind me what to expect the next time round. I just love the presentation of the dishes itself.

Here is the preview of what Pasta can look like at BoatHouse. Don't you just want to preseve this.

And look at the Brownie, though its not as chocolaty as the ones in Ms READ, this dish has flavour going for it.

In summary, this Restaurant is about Flavour. Try IT.

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