Monday, March 26, 2007

Trailing the Time

PCC organized a Time Trial this recent weekend. You can check out the details here.

Yours truly actually went there to volunteer service and have a casual ride with a friend. Being lethargic and just recovering from a bout of Flu, i didn't expect to ride. Upon arrival and seeing all the excitement, managed to get my friend and myself registered in the last two available places.

With very little warm up, we went through the course in a leisurely time not really intending to compete. Interestingly, my friend managed a neat time , having come in 3rd in her category and me 8th in my age group finishing the 15km course in a slow 33 minutes. Hope to publish some pictures of the event though.


Here are some photos of the event uploaded to Flickr courtesy of Adrian and the PCC Team. Thanks Adrian ;-)

Adrian at the registration Counter

Fren winning a Tour De Langkawi Cycling Jersey

Cycling and getting good time with Knobby Tires on MTB


Anonymous said...

neat? hahaha... with all the setbacks before the race, im seriously doubting myself at the starting line. i nearly gave up twice cos my lungs feels like bursting halfway through. i was breathing too hard & my legs are aching. my last rpm class was 2 weeks back.

if i knew...
1. i would have slept earlier the nite before
2. i would have have eaten breakfast
3. i would have brought water along for the race
4. i would have visited some bushes nearby to ***
5. i would have at least trained

but what if i did all these beforehand? will i do better or faster? or will it remain the same?

truth is, i dont know. all i know is im truly grateful that you somehow convinced me to sign up last minute & for someone else to talk sense into me to bring along my bike to the race venue. im happy to be mentally strong that mornin & not giving up till i cross the finish line. for this, i have to say a BIG "Thank You" to you.

The Editor said...

If u had slept the nite before, u will be lethargic.
If u had eaten breakfast, u will be 1 kilo overweight and will be slower,
If u had brought water along, u wud have weighted the bike heavier, and ur time will be more,
visited some bush to discharge some water, u might run the risk of being bitten and u wudnt be able to start the race,
If u had trained, u will be too tired to start. Nah..why bother.

Anonymous said...

hmm... here's my reply.
1. if i had gone back home earlier, i will turn up w/o my bike
2. i eat like a hamster, remb?
3. quite true
4. bitten by what eh? ants?
5. somewhat true

score: 2/5
yeah.. i agree with you. why bother. life is full of challenges & uncertainties anyway. that is why it is so interesting :)

enough bout me. u shud learn to take care of yourself also. being competitive is good but not to the point of (nearly)fainting.

Anonymous said...

yo... thanks for the photo upload. now my identity is exposed ;P but how come there's no photo of urs?

bola2api said...

I also regretted I signed up for the TT when I was just 2km into the race :P

But what the hay, finished the darn race n the feeling was wonderful :)

suicidal? yes. but no pain, no gain..

The Editor said...

Bola2api: Hey, thanks for dropping by. Yeah, that first initial climb near Tekala leaves a lot of people "singing songs of praise (read cursing)".

Huh...u must be one of those who loves pain ;-)