Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ladies with PRIDE

My memories of Renee Aziz has always been pleasant and joyful. I remember the time when she worked with me as a Civil Engineer in JKR, she asked me to accompany her to her practice session as a backup singer to Shiela Majid. I said to myself, "Wow, a singing Civil Engineer". That was one of the most moving moments in my life. Having heard how she battled with Cancer and how i lost a few colleague that way, i was and am very proud that she managed to overcome the cancer and would carry on the pursuit of undertaking mountain climbing as a challenge.

Ironically, the manner which this news was related to me was through another acquaintance, Stephanie Chok. This girl, if you know her like I do, is very humourous and has talent of story telling. She makes mundane stories like personnal everyday challenges exciting and kept us in awe of the things that she had to do to climb Aconcagua (not that I want to take anything away from her real physical talent). She is one hell of a triathlete and a very good friend.

Both of them are part of the expedition that concequered Aconcagua and this has been documented very well. ASTRO will be broadcasting this "Climb with PRIDE" on the days:-

Detail below:

ASTRO Ria, Channel 4 (in Malay)
Date Time
1 May 2007 (Tuesday) Episode One 1:30pm – 2:30pm
2 May 2007 (Wednesday) Episode Two 1:30pm – 2:30pm

ASTRO News, Channel 92 (in English)
Date Time
5 May 2007 (Saturday) 3 pm– 4 pm
6 May 2007 (Sunday) 3 pm – 4pm

I feel that it is a shame if we miss this documentary.


Unknown said...


Cool...Thanks Mac.

The Editor said...

Hey Steph,

Thanks for the news and thanks for dropping by. U guys rawks and make us proud la. Hope to hear more of ur stories when we catchup after ride, wokay....;-)

TriStupe said...

how come most of the friends we have are all extremist?

climb mountain la, cycle Beijing Paris la, run from KL to Seremban la...

when are we getting extreme???

The Editor said...

Stupe: Hahahahah..yeah, cycle from Beijing to Paris climbing hills in a recumbent pulak. Maybe we can do some extereme event soon, when we propose to Malaysian Govt for us to be the astronaut to go to the Sun. To increase our chance of safety, we will go there at NIGHT.

Anonymous said...

thx for your support to all ladies who extremely kemaruk extremeee sports, hihi

keep on writing and share more with us, good job!

The Editor said...

Jaja: yes, you are now in my sights, will be monitoring ur progress ;-).

mba2u said...

I met Renee when we've training at Bukit Gasing last August. We train for Mt. Fuji and she for the south America mountain.

I met Shiela Majid and Roslan Aziz and all of the backup singer in Japan in 1989. I'd the chance to go to their room, arrange by JICA. Forgot weather Renee was there or not.

The Editor said...

mba: Yeah, En Mat(Mr JICA), That was long time ago. I sometime feel like a grandfather already. Is the plan to climb Mount Fuji still on. Since working now, my time is very limited.

Yeah, Renee' might not have gone to Japan during that time since she was a Road Engineer and was very busy with PLUS ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow... who are you guys that all seem to know me ! Not fair, I got no names to go by, just "the editor", "mba" and "stupe" !!! I do however, remember meeting a bunch of guys at Bkt Gasing who were training for Mt. Fuji. BTW, heard that there's a 10ft long python lurking about in there somewhere near the river, so take care...

No, I was not in Japan with Sheila Majid but I did go to Korea with her once to sing for Tourism Malaysia.

Let me know what you think about our documentary on Aconcagua.

The Editor said...

Miss Simbadada_rene: Ah..u know me as that techy engineer in Unit Pelabuhan (Design and Research Division) that hangs around with Jaflus and Jamal Nasir. We...errr..use to go clubbing (dowant to remember) and didnt have much of a life.