Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Inspirational - A triathlete she is..............

I had the most frustrating weekend ever, I had to sacrifice some of the things that I had intended to do last weekend for someone I cared. I couldn't do my Century Ride which I had trained for weeks. I have been missing out on my training schedule and picking up excess weight and I did not do enough rides due to time constraint. Wahhhhhhhhh....

Fortunately, I have had the oppurtunity to "see" (read hear) that my compatriot, a triathlete in the making has become a full fledge triathlete at Bukit Merah last weekend. I, for one am still in training and learning to swim where she has now done a full triathlon in two attempt.

Well done to her, at least that is one good news that I got during last weekend to drown my sorrow of not being able to get my riding licence. Well done also to Adrian, who has given a nice report on the Century Ride which he had particpated with some of my other colleages Ashley, PK, William, Bernard and Joe.


jaja said...

i cant do it without your support. thank you mac ^_^ thx for the words, the advise and everything

hope to see u soon

The Editor said...

jaja: Support and advice is nothing without a positive mind. Your positive mind is more important and valuable and don't you forget that.

Well Done Jaja.

bola2api said...

how come u didn't join the Century Ride? I thought u've trained for it..

The Editor said...

bola2api: Ala sama macam U jugak. Tak tau apa nak bagi excuse bila mother datang mintak suruh wakil pergi kenduri and hantar anak exam. Kalau dah request datang pukul 3 petang Sabtu, nganga saja le.

Wendy said...

no wonder i didn't see u in century ride.

The Editor said...

wendy: yeah, me too, I was quite looking forward to meeting new faces and "strong" rider like u too. Next time maybe, cool shots and pictures on your blog tho.

adzim said...

mac...kita kayuh cameron sama sama this weekend mau? :-P

The Editor said...

Adzim: Mungkin..sekarang cuba clear schedule jap. Tapi kena balik day return kot

adzim said...

mac...aku pon balik hari jer. kalau ikut the gang the whole weekend habis. dah lah janji dengan mem nak tengok spiderman 3 on sunday. but it means a very early drive la on saturday morning.

Stupe said...

dun play play with her...i had to swim hard just to shake her away from me butt in the swim.

The Editor said...

Stupe: Wah..I know la your butt is irresistable ;-). You have to shake her away from your butt or you have to shake your butt..muahahaha

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