Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The atheletes that I know - POEM

The last I attempted to write a poem was about my RPM instructors and that was in September last year when I was unemployed. That was after a moronic attempt to write and collate poems that was a bit cheesy. But bear with me, since I need to give tribute to my athletic frens of mine with another of these lame poems:-

Kimberly Yap is very strong when she is in water,
She looks very tough, but sweet when u know her,
Her figure and physique is just so astounding,
Acquired by enduring a tough physical training.

Steph Chok started competing when she was small,
U know her to be bubbly and miss know it all,
Her abilities has expanded into mountain climbing,
To fulfill her passion while not just day dreaming.

The KlingKlangman as he is generally known,
His ability to compete he has generally shown,
A civil engineer,a flying Scotsman, that wears no kilt,
Adrian ur my man, you are stolidly built.

Arif is the anchor When it comes to biking,
He copy writes by day, he calls it a living,
He competes in triathlon, and he calls this fun,
I called it torture when i see him bike, swim and run.

May Sen has a bike that she names it cow,
Its all spotted and pink, only she know how,
She rides it hard with such determination,
When u see her perform,a mild state of aggression.

Bernard Tan is his name, a mild mannered guy,
His bike is a pink T-Mobile ironically he is shy,
He rides like the devil, speeding ever so fast,
Try to catch up with him and see if u can last.

Ashley is a girl that loves adventure racing,
She also runs the trail, she also loves hiking,
Her endurance and threshold is high, makes u wanna scream,
When she leaves u standing, u think its a dream.

Petite little meehoon, Jaja is her name,
Healthy fit and agile,they all look the same,
When they dashes passes you, like they normally will,
You tend to admire them, by just standing still


Bernard's Vicious Lifecycle said...

very cool .. i bet you spend half the day working on it than your actual work! lets see 30 mins for each of us....

LOL!!nice one for everyone..thx.

The Editor said...

Nah, it just came to me in te afternoon during lunch, it was more like 5 mins for each of u guys ;-). Sorry to spent so little time....

tryathlete said...

woo hoo! there's a poem about me! didn't think i was worthy but thank you! thank you!

very cool...

Adrian said...

wow mac i am so touched - u bring tears to my eyes!

petitemeehoon said...

auwww, thank you mac. u meant a lot to everyone around u

The Editor said...

tryathlete: Hey don't sell yourself short. Many people look up to you ....

Adrian: Credit should be given where credit is due. I think you work hard for the community.

PetiteMeehoon: How was the sukan wanita?