Thursday, June 14, 2007

Brazilian Cusine

Its been quite sometime that I had good foreign food. A group of friends (Melody, Hafiz, Bernard, Azira and myself) went out to celebrate Adli (IceCube) birthday party. We chose a quaint little Brazilian Restaurant in Damansara Kim by the name Carnaval.

The setting
The restaurant has this arrangement where u can go and pick your side dishes like vegetable, gravy, rice, spaghetti etc from a buffet bar. The main dishes which consist of roast beef, lamb are served by their chefs and carved out freshly in front of you. The chef (one actually is from Brazil) will come out with endless selection one after another starting with Beef, Lamb, Fish, prawn, chicken and lastly pineapple. Its so mouth watering to watch as the cutlets are soft and tender.

I would like to really recommend this restaurant to those who have really big appetite.

Note to self: Work out tonite to burn at least 1000 calories

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