Saturday, November 19, 2005

Cracking the Code

Think that you are a great cracker, able to understand patterns in Input Output, able to reconstitute information from unfathomable finger printing tools. Familiar with all forms information hiding techniques, encryption algorithm such as 3DES, RSA, IDEA, SSL handshake and Eliptical Curve etc. I would like you to undertake the biggest challenge of them all, deciphering woman behaviour (What they do and what they say).

I sometimes think that deciphering woman's action, behaviour and communication protocol is much like hacking/cracking a code. Technique used on one woman (your wife) may not be applicable to another woman (your daughter). When a woman ask you, "What are you doing tommorrow?". " I am available after 11.00 am". There are many possibilities that you can read into that question. Its almost like deciphering a coded message.
  • First, there could be hidden messages within the original message much like steganography.
  • Secondly, the information could be encrypted with hidden messages which only you will know. The only problem is that you are not sure which encryption algo was used and agreed.
  • Thirdly, it could be a handshake question much like a SSL handshake session and session key, you require additional supplementary question to derive and more coherent answer.
As the method of hiding the info can be in various combination, it takes a skill male some time to decipher and get the correct messages. Failure to do so will result in either denial of service and subsequently can lead to forking of other processes such as "sulk" and "tears".

In rectifying situations, one must avoid relying on other cracking mechanism such as "man in the middle" attack. This can be liken to having an information broker seating in the middle talking to both you and the wife while sharing the wrong information.

Now I am no expert at deciphering codes neither in "C" nor in any other human (body or verbal) language of the opposite sex but when male colleagues faced with similar situations tries downloading information/experience from me, i can but offer these advice :- "I know I have been in this profession for almost 12 years however I have only been married for 15 years, hence at times I blame the inability in comprehension and problem solving activities of the opposite sex may still be lacking, hence your experience is as good as mine".

However, I do find this similarity weird and close to the reality of Security Management as I know it and have given new meaning and perspective to "Ethical Hacking" or "Penetration Testing".

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