Sunday, November 13, 2005

Weekend Casualty - Allegations/Assertions/Contentions??

One sometimes wonder whether if there is a mismatch between your actions and what others see or think that your intent is. Well, sometimes you put in some effort to invest in friendship and it can be misconstrued and taken the wrong way. Alas, we try not to think the negative of people and what people may want to say and do to you, but being the elderly person, sometimes one has no choice but to swallows and suffer in silence actions and words uttered and done by other.

I am always a believer that truth prevails and with that, I take note of this as being another of my Casualties of Life. Looking back sometimes, I suppose, if you invest and mentor in 3 friends, and 1 remembers you, I think that is good return ;-) I don't think I am about to hold any grudges to people who may have wronged me in any mortifying manner.


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