Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Subconcious Minds

Are we in control of our subscious mind? Do we have an alter ego that we project when we are on the net? What is it that sometimes in putting our thots down, we accidently scribe what our subscious minds wants to say and is manifested in our writings. Or is this an attibute of conversing on the net (due to lack of other communication inuendos)where flame wars can be ignited by interjection which is wrongly timed or a wrongly interpreted jest?

This week alone, I bear witness to many potentially misunderstood writing, cross postings and response where, comments and jest can be wrongly interpreted as serious comments. There were incidences that has been misconstrued and character judgement seems to be formed before any one of these posters are allowed defense ;-).

How do we manage this medium?

I also came across writings of a colleague who is perhaps at cross roads. Tho I can feel for him and am still trying my best to resolve or circumvent forecasted event, dejection seems to seep in and I look on helpless and not able to act fast enough. I cannot but try to cheer him up in other ways and provide necessary support but alas seem to face up hill battle.

I write to cleanse my soul and see it as "chicken soup" for my daily kick. But this friend, I sincerely hope it does not spiral in and make his dejection more negative. What else can I do? How do I manage this "content"?

To both, for once, I am truly empty............


spoonfork said...

i hope u meant empty in the stomach. else, i don't know how to help.

The Editor said...

Empty..like being squeezed out of every piece of juice. You know, like being young and in love or when you are in sorrow...all cried out. BTW, thanx for the concern champs. Some battle, you have to follow through to survive ;-)