Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Journey towards health - POEM

Exercising in the Gym is so much fun,
Walking and Cycling it can be done,
To begin the routine the start of a day,
Stretching and Limbering in the proper way.

Begining the routine warm up on a cycle,
Strengthen your stamina, your knees and ankle,
Followed by treadmill, your jog for the day,
Improve your cardio, every step of the way.

Toning your muscles, use the weights correctly,
Overstressing yourself, causes pain in your body,
Reminding ourself to start oh so gently,
Proper supervision, is recommeded wholeheartedly.

For those who feel group exercise is best,
Enrol yourself in it, but don't expect no rest,
Theres RPM,Pump,Balance,Attack,Combat and Jam,
Be selective in choosing lest you get the cramps.

Focussing on Fitness, do not be distracted,
Heavenly bodies and hunks is to be expected.
Showing their attributes, so that we can see,
Theres still some hope for you and me.

Exercise is best done at the correct places,
Eating healthly and correctly at the right paces,
Not to expect changes ever so drastically,
What takes years to put on, cannot be removed quickly.


Yara said...

Very well said, I just started to go to the gym, I think I'll print it out and read i everyday to inspire me. Thanks

alphademon said...

hahahah.. thats a funny poem..

The Editor said...

[yara] You are welcome

[alphademon] You cannot relate to it meh... ;)

Anonymous said...

Poem is always nice in it own ways.....in the meaning of understanding by the one....