Monday, November 19, 2007

Presidential Ride

Reminders by the powers that be can be a humbling experience. You think that this will be your second long major ride, and you think you had your bases covered. You think that you have inherited a wonderful front shocks for your mountain bike makes you more confident. You think that being more experience and baby sitting a newbie will make the ride easy and laughable. ALL WRONG.

What could go wrong, have gone wrong. Lets start with the injuries, i have scratches and cut from falls from face to toe. I had a tumble in Loop 1 which causes my Spectacles to cut my cheek, I had a major crack in my crown jewels (read nuts) trying to bunny hop in early loop2. I had a major tumble in Loop 2 which causes me to have a bruised ribs, which will take me of biking for a month. I had to walk back nearly 4 kilometer with pain because I could no longer slouch over the handle bar. Thanks to those that help me with my bike nearing Loop2.

Ironically, the day before in FRIM, i found that the bike handled extremely well with the new FOX shocks and I was chuckling to myself watching Adeline trying to handle the simple FRIM trails. Now she has the last laugh having to wait 25 minutes for me at Checkpoint 2. I think I had it coming though and my biggest failure was not listening to Bernard's advice in changing the rear tires as my rear was slipping uncontrollably in the single track.

Anyways, the day started well with a congregation of more then 800 riders. This should have made into the Malaysian World Records Book though.
And the customary "Mari Tolak Basikal" and jam into the first hill climb, a single track.
Its no surprise that they call this hill climb the "Bitch Hill", don't ask me why?
I am hanging up my bike for the month and rest. Won't be biking nor excercising for this month though.


Maran said...

Yap it was a tough ride. I got the 3rd sticker and went for the chicken loop. But the chicken loop also was tough especially when your body running low on fuel. Pure torture for the body and bike!

Mac, don't stop riding for a long time, your body probably became fitter so just take advantage of that and leap to new level of fitness.

bola2api said...

take care dude, and get well soon..

The Editor said...

maran: Have to stop temporary because the pain on my left ribs is quite unbearable, nursing it now.

bola2api: yup with a bit of rest.

Anonymous said...

I bruised my ribs in Kiara few months back...had to hang up my mtb for a month, but not roadie. No need to stop riding la

Dancing Ciken said...

wow after powerman, boleh larat lagi mtb, perghhh

last weekend, my body asked me to shut down. no long ride, will rest for a while too. been sleeping all day long

u too, get well soon k

Ride 2 infinity n beyond said...

its called 60km of pleasurable torture for a reason la.. heheh.. all of us fall and tumble all over the place if not where got topic to laugh n joke about afterwards.. hahah

at least u fell during the trail instead of having a grand exit like me .. succum to a ditch la .. hua hahah

u r so not gonna hang anything up .. bernard wants ur fox n i am eyeing the trek heheh ;p

come v do road bike pulak slow slow la after u recover .. give u one week rest .. at most ..after that sure u itchy to ride again one .. mark my words .. hhehe ;p

The Editor said...

Anonymous: We will evaluate day to day ;-)

Ayam-menari: I think my body also said no more and going to shutdown soon.

ride2infinity..: Aiyah, this time sure one, really sakit and need to relax a little. Someone up there remind me I am ole already

Anonymous said...

Tengok gambar dah torture....

Timmy Pantani 2nd cousin

dino said...

bro, i was lucky enuff to get all the stickers without the scratches and leech bytes. i wonder where i got that fuel to go on and on, from 1 loop to another and hit CP4 at 3:00pm. probably the bragging right is the motivational factor..

thank you for getting me into this sport.

Anonymous said...

rider#682:hehehe i fell flat on my face on stage4 right after the dh at the river. my frnt wheel sunk into the soft mud and Luckily it was soft mud my face was not scratched tho except for a taste of the mud.
I managed to finished at 230pm but no luck on the lucky draw tho :-(

The Editor said...

Dino: Dont mention it, as long as u enjoy and b healthy

Rider #682: Well, at least u made it back in good time, 2:30 finishing all loops is fast.