Thursday, November 15, 2007

Review Notes on Duathlon

What are the lessons learnt
Duathlon is a sport about preps in equipment, run, biking and transition.

Equipment Prep,
Running Shoes - Choose wisely. My first running shoes that I use for training does not suit me zilch. The Nike SHOX causes me knee pain, the change to the Pearl Izumi help me a lot. Thanks Terry for the loaner.
Nutrition Management - Remember to mix a lot more salt in your water bottle and keep spare if required. There is no such thing as enough water and salt. Note to self: Bring powerGel in bike jersey and not in bag.
RFID Chip - Remember when u run, your leg expand, leave a bit of room for the leg to expand when tying the RFID chip less you want to experience cramp early

Keep to your own pace and not try to follow some race bunny that you do not know. In second run, try to walk briskly if you cannot run. Take ur time at water and banana stop to refill especially if you forget to bring your Powergel. Run more, try to keep 5 km under 30 minutes. Need to loose more weight though.

Remember not to confuse your number straps and your bike jersey pocket when trying place your pump, pit stop and other biking paraphernalia. Verify before moving bike off. Put your biking glove where u can see them not in ur bag - sheeeesh

Recover while you are walking out, not at transition. Seating around and staring at people does not help. Rolling on grass trying to fend of cramps is definitely a no no. What were you thinking wasting more then 3 minutes for each transition. Target to cut down transition to less then 2 minutes next time round (if there is going to be a next time)


CapArnabBrand said...

Came across your blog while browsing PCC... And your 1st attempt at duathlon inspiring (for newbies like me).. Keep it going dude!

bola2api said...

yeah.. also.. take into account injury time i.e. cramps, guling-guling ala bollywood.. hehehe :P

same here.. I never budget that I'd use 3 mins for each trans. 3 menet buleh lari setengah kilo wooo

it's good to reflect mac but don't be too hard on yourself. you can always revised for everything but on exam day, nothing is predictable ;)

tryathlete said...

yeah, mac. like aini said, don't be too hard on yourself. it was your first multisport race and nothing really prepares you for that. learn from those mistakes and try not to let them happen again.

we're all still learning here as well but we could sure learn a thing or two about spirit, tenacity and determination from you. keep it up, mac!

The Editor said...

caparnabrand: Thanks, especially when i am also trying to loose weight.

bola2api: Its ok, just a documentary note for myself.

tryathlete: Thanks for the encouraging words.

Mohd Shazly Khan said...

The miracle isn't that u finished. The miracle is that u had the courage to start.. Get my point?

Ride 2 infinity n beyond said...

alamak dont be so hard on your self la ..

We race to complete not to compete ma..

i think u did great .. keep it up we all need 2 learn ma.. making mistakes are part of learning lurr...

The Editor said...

Shaz: Wow , words of wisdom...Thank U ;-)

Ride 2..: Where got hard on myself, self critics is better then outside critics meehhh

zebrallini said...

big daddy mac : WOOOOOOTTT!!! Well done ... I'll see you in the full event next year okay ...

The Editor said...

zebra: OK set, on condition u run wearing that undies with ur name on it ;-)