Monday, February 11, 2008

CyclingNews - CNY Holiday

7th February 2008
When you have 4 days of holiday break, you then looked out for some interesting rides. Well, the first ride for me was to Frasers on Thursday. It was a day of riding and support car driving for the whole of the day. How the event unfold was as follows:-

Got out of the house to meetup with Weina and Jaja at the Shell petrol station at 0645 am and convoyed with them to Kuala Kubu. We reached KKB at 0745 and preped ourselves while waiting for the rest. Soon, Fadzil(CK) and his friend Jamil came along. We were also joined by AJ (Mr Malakoff), Zamani (ex LeTua rider) and Razak. All six of us left earlier at about 0840 , leaving Zamani and Razak to catch up later.

Zamani caught up with me at the dam and we decided to cycle together until he found me to slow and decided to start sprinting to catchup with AJ. By the 16th kilometer, Razak had caught up with me and was pushing of to the front to catchup with AJ and Jamil who must have been about 1-2 kilometers ahead. Decided to wait at the 25th Kilometer mark near the waterfall for the girls and we reached GAP about 2 hours after start.

We decided to climb up to Frasers using the blocked road as Zamani assured us that it was passable by bike and we pushed off up the 15% gradient and only managed about 5km until we had to turn back as there was a huge sinkhole. After refueling at GAP, we decided to go down to KKB for our birthday lunch feast with CK and we reached KKB at 1255. What was memorable to me was how fast the crosswind and headwind that I nearly flew off with the bike going downhill near the dam.

Knowingly, we decided to wait for the Tria boys and girls who has decided to start from Hospital Orang Asli and shud be passing KKB by about 1-2pm as we had anticipated. There were some casualties from their ride and i decided to give one of them a lift back to HOA as he had a twisted knee tendon. We left at about 3 pm. Curiousity brought me to investigate the Hulu Yam route and upon seeing it, i thought I better stay around near HOA just in case my services was called upon as a support car driver.

As if making my wish come true, the call came at about 4:55 pm to pickup another casualty near Batu Dam, and upon sending him back to his car, some of the riders had reached the last checkpoint (HOA) at about 1805pm. We sat down discussing the ride and later all of us left HOA at almost 1845pm tired and knackered.

9th February 2008
Feeling sadistic and wanting more of the endorphin rush, decided to follow the Fadzil(CK) and geng to undertake the Broga Classic ride so as to answer some the debate posed by Ariff and May Senn. Having decided on the last minute, which as at 0550 am, i rushed out of bed and packed my bike and stuff leaving the house at 0620 while reaching Batu 18 at about 0700 just about to see Jaja unpacking her bike and getting ready. We were joined shortly by CK, Radzi and AJ (they are old Putra Boys). Meeting Shazly at the bridge, we pushed off toward Tekala where we rendevoused with the Tria/IronMan participants (Adzim, Ariff, Maysenn, Laif, Dicky, Bacin, Adeline, Ihshal, Chan, Zamani and Zabil)

We pushed of for Semenyih and was crusing at about 30km/hr and hit Broga for refueling. At we entered Lenggeng, Jaja and Radzi had a puncture and Ariff, May Senn CK and Zamani stayed back to make sure everything is OK. The rest of us pushed off to Bukit Tangga and we arrived at Klawang Petronas at 1200. While coming down Bukit Tangga at about 70km/hr, there was a hugh gust of wind that nearly make my hugh body mass fly of the road. That was hell of a scary moment.

Leaving Klawang Petronas, the guys set off at quite a pace that I decided to drop back and cycle alone at my own pace to Peres by the time we reached the foothills of the Peres climb. I suddenly realized that its quite a scary moment as my energy was sapped and there was no handphone coverage. Will I be left alone, how will the guys reached me, how will I contact them.? Your mind really plays tricks on you when one is knackered. About 6km before the peak of Peres, I metup with Sazly, Laif, Ihshal and Adeline who waved me down by the side of the road to enjoy a cool shower underneath a small waterfall. It was the most glorious sight that I have ever seen - the people and the cool water.

I think, much to my comrades relief that I made it, they pushed off back to Peres leaving me to enjoy my shower. Ariff, CK, May Senn and Jaja arrived about 15 minutes later and we pushed of together back to Peres. Not knowing, whether I will make it back, I did pass my car keys to Adeline (who is ever so kind) to come and pick me up when she has reached Batu 18.

Ariff, May Senn, Jaja and me pushed off back to Peres 5 minutes later and we arrived to the peak at about 1505 pm. I rushed down to Batu 18, and ironically met Adeline at the foothill of Peres. Took her back to her car where we call it a day and i bid my thanks to her.

Conclusion: Broga Classic is tougher then reverse to me (especially for that day) because of the tired set of legs having to endure about 90km of ride (which include tackling the 2 hills after Lenggeng into Klawang) and further tackling the 470m ascent in the final hours of the day, when your leg is well spent. I would look for kinder weather to tackle that loop again. But more then 200km for that holiday - it is a holiday well spent.


Dancing Ciken said...

besttt dan sedap sehingga menjilat rim, hahaha =))

well done mac! i had so much fun with u

Dancing Ciken said...

(kempunan cameron plak)

bola2api said...

it was a really hot CNY and weekend. which I spent sleeping... zzzz.. tak bagus langsung!

tryathlete said...

ppl normally sleep in when they have long holidays. we ake up earlier than usual, than go torture ourselves with such rides. what a bunch of sickos we are :p

well done, mac. two tough rides in three days. hope your legs are ok. see you for tuesday's ride...

The Editor said...

dancing ciken: Likewise, cu in Cameron soon.

bola2api: sleeping pun bagus jugak, ada excercise cara lain pulak.

tryatlete: Yup ready for this Tuesday and next as well, but may have to reserve for the Tuesday after IronMan maybe ;-)

Michael Ball Rocks said...

Dear Ed,

Zamani and Razak are letua riders. The former is not an 'ex'. LeTua riders consist of the club riders and the young professional who are funded by several club riders who you see on Jelajah Malaysia and LTdL.