Monday, February 25, 2008

Seen any good Movies lately

In my view, Vantage Point has got to be one of the best movies I have ever seen this year. The movie tells a story of what has transpired to the attempt of assination on the US president. Rather then running the story sequentially, the director and editor has chosen to tell the story in various view points edited in a short story method. I can see and hear many people in the theater giving hugh sigh as they may not be used to viewing the story in this manner as it looks repetitive, i however thot its a refreshing approach of story telling.
Its packed with non stop action and the twist and spin on the plot is very interesting. I would definitely recommend people to see this movie.
Other notable movies worth mentioning are Jumper (though I am not such fan of Hayden Christensen) has very interesting special effects but more of X-Men kinda feel to the story. Not much of a story line and i would only rate it average by my books. Within the same week, I also saw Meet the Spartans, which is spoof of the movie 300. Having some serious actor in this movie make the take very comediac and interesting. Thats enough movies for the week - 3 in total.
A friend of mine who saw CJ7 rated it quite high and is worth mentioning.

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walla said...

CJ7 is the "mostest stupidest" show of this and last century, taking the audience as nincompoops. I would slap him (CSC) if I see him. If you don't believe me, just go watch the show and you would feel so small because of the way your intelligence would have been insulted!! ha ha ha