Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lonely Malaysian - Bah Magoh/Long Sheridan

I am very touched by some of my friends initiatives in exploring Malaysia in its true sense. Every year,he takes time off to visit the interior of Sarawak to bring some of these people hope and where possible gifts. I am also amazed at the pluckiness of another friend of mine and this particular girl that has managed to transit from a Triathlete into what I feel is photojournalist. This post is dedicated these friends.

It is amazing that in our endeavour to achieve a state of developed country, there are still people who lived below the poverty line. Are we forgeting these people?Who are looking into the affairs of these Penans. ?

More of these images on the following links and

I hope she doesn't mind me saying this, but i think this girl is very plucky and brave to have roughed it out in places where even the trekker had thought it risky, took a lot of tumble and with the desmise of her shoes, had to survive on slippers for most of the trekking. Salute!!!


faie said...

Waaaaaah ... thanks for your comments!

LOL, so Boon Foo told you that I had to trek in my Crocs at some point, eh? Did he mentioned I lost a toenail as well and ate some really INTERESTING STUFF? Hahahahah ...

bola2api said...

alamak.. trekking pun kena 'eat interesting stuff' ker? I thought that is only reserved for Fear Factor :P

BTW she was a Fear Factor participant once upon a time. at one point she had to remove padlocks that confined her in a tankful of creepy crawlies... eewwwww

she's really brave lah

faie said...

Eh, yang tu bukan aku lah. Aku first stunt dah out.

Nanti aku letak gambar dalam flickr aku. Yummy! Susah mau cari benda tu kat Miri tauuuu! Heh heh ...

The Editor said...

Faie: Yes, he told me most of the stuff minus the eating portion. I thinks he thinks the world of you now or eother he has under estimated you before this. I think you surprise him.

Bola2api: Yup, i know she is the FEAR FACTOR chick. But for her to rough it out and be one with nature, i do take my hats off, becoz, even i may have problems accepting the situation ;-)