Friday, June 09, 2006

Body Pump 58 and RPM 31

Its been almost a week since the new release of Body Pump 58 and RPM 31. Since I was away in Penang and Kedah the past weekend, i got back and was eager (read addicted) to try out the new release. My calender routine was as follows:-

Monday - RPM (Ben Sim), RPM (Colin), Body Pump (Swee)
Tuesday - RPM Challenge (Wes), Body Pump (Swee)
Wednesday - RPM Challenge (Wes)
Thurday - Body Pump (Wes), RPM Challenge (Wes).

My thoughts, the new Pump is very fatiguing, by the time you reach Track 8, your shoulder aches likes nobody's business. RPM31 on the other hand has a more consistent buildup and flatter, though its challenging now in Track 3 and 5.

The tracklist of songs for BP58 are as follows:-


1. I'll Be Your Light - Kristine W
2. Drop Dead Gorgeous - Republica
3. Love Shack - The B-52's
4. Riding On The Wings (Motiv8 Airplay Extended Mix) - Motiv8
5. Let's Get Down - Supafly vs Fishbowl
6. Stand By Me (Original Mix) - Mr. Timothy feat. Inaya Day
7. Breathe - One More Angel
8. Round And Round - BodyRockers
9. Intuition - Jewel
10. You Raise Me Up - Josh Gorban

Give it a try. ;))


Sze said...

i don't get it. is it an exercise program?

The Editor said...

Yes Sze, it is a Group Excercise Programme. Body Pump are sets of routine to tone up your muscles in relevant areas. Each Set is to work the relevant muscle areas. Each set is accompanied by music.

Horatio said...

err.. leh tau buat masa ni bapa kilo yg tuan hamba dah susut ya?

The Editor said...

[Mr Horatio] By CSI standard, tak banyak. Dulu I loose roughly 3.5 Kilo per month, now only half kilo per month. All in all, I already loose 18 Kilo. Not as good as my role model yet.