Sunday, June 25, 2006

The weekend That was - 25th June 2006

These was quite a frantic week. Much of my life is generally centered around my Gym session and these week has been very productive. I tend to focus on RPM class and I do an average of a minimum of 1 RPM class per day suplementing with Body Pump on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. To test out my stamina, I did stretched it too 3 classes on Monday and Wednesday tho I was ticked off for doing too much by one of the trainer ;).

These week, having been told to try out one of the visiting trainer (Lisa Jones) class, I dropped by AXIS. Luckily I was there early as the queue started at 5:50 for a class scheduled at 6:30 pm. By the time the registration started which was 6:10, the queue was full up for the 32 bikes. Lisa's class is very challenging having gone above the normal 700 calories that I usually burn in RPM Challenge class and having my HRM recording 98% max heart rate and averaging 87% heart rate. That nite alone, i must have burn a total of 1400 calories. Quite surprising for an oldie like me....

The songs selection for RPM31 is quite nice and are as follows:-

RPM 31

Track List

01. I've Been Thinking About You - Londonbeat
02. Turn Me On (Lenny B Mix) - Kevin Lyttle
03. Finally (Classic Club Mix) - Love To Infinity feat. Charlotte Day
04. Speed Of Sound - Coldplay
05. Round And Round - Rhythm Twins
06. Underwater (Above & Beyond's 21st Century Mix) - Delerium
07. Fading Like A Flower (Extended Mix) - Dancing DJs v Roxette
08. Just Feel Better feat. Steven Tyler - Santana
09. Heart Like A Wheel - The Corrs

I don't know what is it about RPM and me, these past few days, I have been shuffling between Menara Axis and Curve repeatedly. To demonstrate my extremeties, even with a window of half an hour between RPM class which ended at 1:00pm, I was out of Axis and at Curve by 1:20 to attend to the next RPM class at 1:30. Sheeshh..was I tired and stressed.

I was feeling a bit tired and down, until just now having to bump into someone I have not seen for ages as I was going out of the car park to go to the bank after my Gym session. That really got my afternoon going again thus making my day and inspire me to post these two new article.


Lin said...

I've been letting myself down lately. I've not been to RPM for such a long time. OK, the last time was last Monday, but I usually go at least twice a week.

Been busy and stressed with The Business.

The Editor said...

[Lin] Long Time no hear ;). How is the Business? Sorry to hear u are under stress. It can be tough juggling.

Lin said...

The Business is coming together slowly. Marketing efforts are kicking in. See how it goes. I hope it will be ok.