Saturday, June 03, 2006

JATT's Wedding

Took a drive up to Alor Setar and right upto Jitra (a few miles north of Alor Setar). An ole friend Shaizar(Jatt) got hitched with a northern girl by the name of Ckin. These are some of my photo record of the event at the bride's house.
It was a hot day, but nevertherless, this small and quaint wedding reception was quite a memorable one.
The food was delicious, or was it because I was hungry ;).
The bride and groom in their splendour

Thank God for 3G, this post is updated via my trusty N70


Horatio said...

bapo round yg hang hantam masa tu??

The Editor said...

3 round je, since they treated me like the Kings(Jatt) family and I get to sit at the family table. There goes my diet.

Horatio said...

oklah tu 3 round... the last time i attended a malay wedding function tu... ish ish ish... malu lah aku nak cita... :p

alah... diet? senang je. setiap kali nak makan tu, ingat lah wajah FF instructor ko tu... sebagai sumber inspirasi for dieting... ONLY ya..